We are expanding the Homechow Food App – CEO

With tech-startup firms leading the way in branding, customer relations management
and conveniently changing the way to access products and services, Ghana isn’t left
One of the tech-startups leading the way, is the Homechow Food App which came into
the market in 2018 and has become known by many to be delivering meals in
innovative packaging.
These operations have been fuelled by use of technology and a delivery coverage of
over 35 locations.
this notwithstanding, the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Mr.Gabriel Ankamafio has
announced some expansions aimed at increasing its reach in a statement.

Mr. Gabriel Ankamafio stated that Homechow App has had a lot of growth and
unparalleled development in the food-tech scene in Accra, and against this backdrop
the increasing requests made from customers in areas out of their reach, has led to
exciting challenges which his outfit is building solutions to address.

On the expansion in the company’s future, he indicated that, “We are moving at
lightning speed to make the Homechow food App the go-to food app out there through
newly to be released services that will cover the entire of Accra and beyond,” he

The CEO further noted that the Homechow App poise to bring change to the ever-
evolving food-tech industry and carving its share of the Ghanaian market, and urged
customers to “Expect amazing CRM solutions and app features combined with a great
line-up of brand marketing and partnerships which would be announced in the coming

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