WBC pres urges calm amidst virus fears

World Boxing Council (WBC) President Mauricio Sulaimán has joined international measures to decrease the coronavirus pandemic, by suspending his weekly meetings with the media.

At moment, all boxing events have been canceled in March, April, and several have even fallen through in May.

“In the boxing community there have been no positives at the moment. What remains for us is to adjust and collaborate with international and national measures,” Sulaiman said.

“It is very easy to cut off the means of infection, which is to have the least possible amount of contact between people. There are many guidelines, if they are followed to the letter, can end up eliminating the disease completely.”

Sulaiman indicated that, meanwhile, “we will try to give support to all boxers, to all promoters, to all members of the boxing community. There are many gyms that are closed. For example, our champion Nordine Oubaali does not have access to sparring or the gym; That is going to have a major effect on the fight he has in May. Although this card is still standing, the champion will not be ready.

“Sports in general, all shows are suffering an unexpected blow worldwide, but it is something that cannot be resisted, we must understand that we all have to collaborate; have patience, peace of mind, and let the experts do their thing. We must promote the measures that one can take as an individual, for prevention. –

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