Watch Games TV Wants to Give Back and Win the Title of Good Deed Gamer

Watch Games TV is a tremendously popular online figure. With seven years on YouTube and four on Twitch, the influencer is highly regarded in the crypto and gambling communities. This young man is also known for giving back and sharing his income with those who need it the most.

Having just turned 30, Watch Games TV purchased both his parent’s cars and Rolex watches. The next goal is to buy them a house and give his mom a comfortable retirement. As she is not ready to do this yet, it’s easy to see where her son gets his impressive work ethic.

Watch Games TV has a goal of helping his entire community and future generations. Among these plans is building a school in a country that needs one the most. He has dressed up as Santa one Christmas, handing out $30,000 to strangers. He also did a series of videos about gifting a homeless man a brand-new house. Watch Games TV has contributed upwards of $700,000 in cash and assets to his community till now.

When not making these generous donations, Watch Games TV can be found globe-trotting. With a passion for travel, the modern-day gambler has visited 14-15 countries. He has a penchant for collecting luxury watches and speaks multiple languages, including Bulgarian and Turkish.

As for earning income, Watch Games TV has made a name for himself as big as his winnings. He recently won $252,000 on a $10 bet, and $600 won him a coveted Bored Ape NFT valued at $160,000. Perhaps this young man’s most significant prize is gaining control of his mental health. After battling depression and anxiety for some time, Watch Games TV has controlled his debilitating panic attacks and realized what is truly important in life.

This epiphany fueled Watch Games TV’s philanthropic activity. In addition to giving to real-world communities, the influencer gives back to his 412K YouTube subscribers. Not many people would sell a sought-after pair of Yeezy’s for $1, but this magnate did precisely that. And the video received thousands of views with glowing praise for the gesture.

Famous for his tips, tricks, and live streams, Watch Games TV has an end goal of being as well-known for his good deeds as his gaming prowess. One cannot deny that he is off to an excellent start.

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