Washington University women’s baseball team are college champions

The University of Washington Women’s Baseball club became the champions of the Women’s College Club Baseball Championship after beating the Occidental College in Los Angeles, USA.

The champs went through the tournament unbeaten with Occidental College and Montclair State University securing the second and first runners up positions respectively.

First of its kind in centuries, the competition was organised by BFA, an NGO developing girls and women baseball in USA.

According to BFA, the essence of the competition is to pave way for girls to play at the college level.

The competition was a path created by the founder Justine Siegal, nearly 30 years ago after she was denied a place on her College Baseball team in the USA when she was 19 years old.

The significant aspect of the BFA initiative was to enable girls in baseball to have equal and fair chance to play in the next level after high school and ultimately have women’s college baseball to be part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sports in the future.


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