W/Region PDS recovers GHȻ2.24m from illegal power consumers

The Western Region Power Distribution Services Limited (PDS) Ghana, has recovered GHȻ2.24 million from individuals and organisations, who consumed power they illegally connected to their premises last year.

 The Western Regional Revenue Protection Manager, Mr John Quayson-Dadzie, said the illegal connection resulted in a loss of 2.776 gigawatt hours (GWh) of power to the PDS.

According to him, the amount was recovered through the combined efforts of the revenue protection team and some members of the public, who volunteered information to the PDS.

Mr Anokye Abebreseh, General Manager for the Western Region, stated that a total of 195 persons and organisations were caught in the act of illegal power consumption.

He said out of the figure, 20 consumers were caught engaging in unauthorised power connection while 94 culprits were caught for ‘by-passing meters’ installed at their premises in order to use power for free.

Mr Abebreseh said 21 culprits were caught for connecting power directly to their premises without meters, whilst a total of 60 persons and institutions had their meters tampered with, in their move to steal power.

He told the Ghanaian Times that these offenders, as required by law, paid heavy penalties for the power they used or face prosecution.

Mr Abebreseh said, “When we arrested them, we made them to pay everything with very huge penalties.”

He disclosed that persons, who reported any form of power theft were entitled to a portion of the amount recovered, adding, “If you help us apprehend these criminals, there is a financial reward that comes with your efforts.”


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