Vote massively for NDC to avert economic woes – Geoffrey Kini

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Nkwanta South Constituency, Geoffrey Kini has urged his constituents to vote massively for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2020 general election in order to avert the current economic woes.

According to him, the current economic conditions are worse off compared to the situation under the John Mahama-led administration, resulting in high cost of living, current administration has provided the citizenry an opportunity to do proper evaluation of what NDC did while in charge of affairs of the country.

Addressing a gathering of party members at the launch of the Nkwanta South mega victory walk, Mr Kini alleged that the current administration is corrupt administration in history, failed the citizenry in several ways such as commodity prices unbearable resulting in serious hardships which they had seen the difference and had no option than to kick out the sinking government on December 7.

“Unlike the past, current NDC will reward every hardworking and dedicated party person when it assumes power on January 2021, I want to remind you the NDC of today, is different from the NDC of the past, let’s work hard to get the party back to power and I assure you all your efforts, determination, commitment and dedication will be rewarded,” he noted.

Gyapong Kwadwo, the Oti Regional Chairman of the NDC, told the gathering the NDC is better placed to defeat the NPP in the 2020 elections, thus the need for party members to unite and work harder to ensure convincing victory for the flag bearer John Mahama and the NDC.

“We know the NPP will be defeated on December 7, but will require lot of work, from branch, constituency, regional and national, I want to tell you work has began, we all must let go of our differences and begin to work harder to ensure President Nana Akufo- Addo and the NPP are voted out of power.

“I urged party members to let go of issues that emanated from the parliamentary primaries, our flag bearer, party and MPs and work towards achieving the ultimate goal,” Mr Kwadwo pleaded

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