Volta Regional Peace Council confers Champion of Peace honour on Clemence Gyato

Mr Clemence Gyato, the National Peace Ambas­sador of Ghana, has been honoured by the Volta and Oti Regional Peace Council for his contribution to promoting and sustaining peace in the Volta and Oti Regions.

The “Champion of Peace” hon­our was conferred on him at the 2023 Volta and Oti International Day of Peace Summit held at Ki­kis Court in Hohoe last Thursday, which was themed; ‘Actions for Peace: Celebrating Champions of Peace.’

The summit was part of cele­brations to mark the International Day of Peace, which falls on Sep­tember 21 every year and has been earmarked by the United Nations to promote global peace.

The summit also celebrated chiefs, government officials, peace ambassadors and journalists who were honoured as Champions of Peace for aiding the Volta and Oti Regional Peace Council’s inter­vention in promoting peace in the regions, especially the Ala­vanyo-Nkonya conflict resolution process.

Mr Gyato, who was one of the recipients of the Champion of Peace honour, was lauded by the Volta Regional Peace Council for his efforts in promoting national cohesion and conflict resolution.

A citation in recognition of Mr Gyato’s peace service in the Volta and Oti Regions said “thank you for your remarkable efforts in pro­moting peace in the Volta and Oti Regions. Your generous financial support and personal involvement in the Regional Peace Council’s in­tervention in the Alavanyo-Nkon­ya improved inter-communal relationships. Sincere thanks from the Volta Regional Peace Council.”

Mr Gyato expressed gratitude for the honour conferred on him and was elated about the improv­ing relationships between the people of Alavanyo-Nkonya, and he would continue to work relent­lessly to sustain peace among the two communities.

“I would want to commend the people and chiefs of Alavanyo and Nkonya considering the peace we are witnessing now and want to tell the youth of the two commu­nities that there can’t be a winner when there is confusion. Let’s all unite, be one people, and enjoy the goodies of unity,” Mr Gyato said during his acceptance speech.

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, Volta Regional Minister, who was also honoured at the summit, said that these programmes had been carefully orchestrated by the Na­tional Peace Council to recognise individuals who have contributed to sustainable peace in the Volta and Oti Regions.

“As we reflect upon the journey of seeking a peaceful society, I am reminded of the significant strides we have taken in improving inter-communal relationships, par­ticularly during our intervention in the Alavanyo-Nkonya conflict.

“Undoubtedly, it was a challeng­ing time marked by violence and division along the way; however, through our joint efforts, support, and facilitation, we have witnessed positive changes,” he said.

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