Volta Regional House Chiefs condemns Western Togoland

The Volta Region House of Chiefs has condemned the recent acts of aggression by the purported ‘Western Togoland’ group in the region, saying their criminals actions should be investigated and those involved be made to face the full rigours of the law.

This was contained in a statement issued by the house after an emergency meeting by its members in Ho on Sunday.

“The Volta Region House of Chiefs would like to state clearly their commitment to one peaceful and united Ghana, and their preparedness to collaborate with the government to ensure peace and stability in the Volta Region and the country at large,” the statement affirmed.

However, the statement which was signed by the Vice President of the House, Togbe Tepre Hodo IV, called for the resolution of certain worrying and pertinent issues in connection with the alleged rebel actions, which it said were important for strengthening peace.

For instance, the statement sought to know how the group managed to mount bill boards and flags without anyone noticing until the bill boards were seen only in the morning, in all past cases.

“More intriguing was the ability of the culprits to hoist a flag of the ‘Western Togoland Group’ at the Volta Region Coordinating Council, the office of the Regional Minister, this also going unnoticed by the night security,” the statement added.

It cited the reassurance by the Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa that the recent activity of the secessionists would be the last time the group conducted themselves in such a manner, and that he had been aware of their activities.

The statement sought to know the identities of those arrested following the events of Friday, September 25, amid allegations that innocent bystanders who were observing what was happening were arrested.

It also sought to know the identities of two people shot dead at Juapong another three at Battor, saying one of those shot dead at Juapong was reported to be a known nearby coconut seller.

The statement expressed concern over the failure of the Regional Minister, who is head of the Regional Security Council, to call or brief any chief on the issue.

The statement also expressed concern over the inability of National Security to pick up any intelligence on those activities to prevent them or arrest the conspirators, “allowing despicable acts to be committed.”

Meanwhile, the statement referred to the pronouncement a few years ago by Mr Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central, urging the killing of Voltarians and the Ga people; and the recent statement by Mr K.T. Hammond, another MP, that the people of the Volta Region were not Ghanaians but Togolese, saying they were sources of worry and frustration to the people of the region.

Similarly, the statement cited the recent “mistaken” exclusion of the region’s roads from the national budget and the disrespect shown to the chiefs during visits by political leaders to the region as other causes for worry to the House.

It also mentioned a video circulated by one Kevin Taylor, supposedly based in the USA , in which he alleged that the government was planning to send vigilantes to foment trouble in the in the region ahead of the elections, with the view to disrupting same.


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