Vodafone, TotalEnergies partner to provide free Wi-Fi to customers

Vodafone Ghana has partnered with TotalEnergies Marketing Ghana PLC to provide free Wi-Fi for customers who visit service stations, lube bays, restaurants, and it’s newly launched electric vehicle (EV) charging docks.

The Wi-Fi internet access is free for TotalEnergies customers on all networks.

Based on Vodafone Ghana’s Enterprise Wi-Fi service, the partnership underscores the company’s commitment to reaching more customers with fast, accessible, and reliable wireless internet solutions.

Vodafone Ghana’s internet solution will keep customers reliably connected anytime they visit TotalEnergies service stations.

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It also facilitates employee efficiency and productivity, as they can work from anywhere on the business premises.

Speaking on this collaboration at an event held in Accra on Wednesday the Director of the Enterprise Business Unit at Vodafone Ghana, Tawa Bolarin, said the initiative would allow Vodafone Ghana to expand internet connectivity to its customers no matter where they find themselves.”

“We are leveraging this partnership to enhance the customer experience in internet connectivity. In recent times, more people are working remotely, sometimes multitasking at different locations. As a company whose hallmark has been to drive the nation’s digital transformation, we are excited to extend Wi-Fi access to Ghanaians through our partnership with TotalEnergies,” she said.

She lauded TotalEnergies’ innovation and revealed that customers should expect the service at many more locations in the coming months.

“We are particularly excited to partner with TotalEnergies to launch this service, which offers free Wi-Fi powered by Vodafone Ghana at selected TotalEnergies Service Stations. This site is the first of many – there will be three additional sites in Accra and Kumasi by the end of 2022,” she announced.

“For Vodafone Ghana, this is another milestone in our digital transformation journey. We are proud to partner with Total Energies in this venture,” she concluded.

Managing Director of TotalEnergies Marketing Ghana PLC, Mr Olufemi Babajide, stated that partnership with the private and public sectors was crucial for accelerating change and promoting innovation and new technologies.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the various institutions that have helped in making this possible,” he said.


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