Vodafone commended for COVID-19 fight

Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has commended Vodafone Ghana Foundation for its immense support in the fight against COVID-19 in Ghana.

The Medical Association applauded Vodafone Ghana when the telco donated personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies to the association.

The Vodafone Ghana Foundation, in response to a request by the GMA, donated protective gowns with shoe cover, face shields, boxes of N95 facemasks, disposable tissues and surgical gloves, thermometer guns, hand sanitisers, gallons of rubbing alcohol and bleach as well as boxes of surface wipes and bin liners.

Speaking during the presentation, Dr Frank Ankobea, President of the GMA said “As frontline health workers, we know the importance of PPE, and we are very grateful to the Vodafone Foundation for supplying us with these essential items. This shows that you care about our safety. The Association will ensure that these PPE and medical supplies are disbursed to all frontline health, workers not just doctors, in both private and public facilities across the country. We are so grateful for all that you are doing for mother Ghana and your undying commitment in helping the country fight against COVID-19.’’

Presenting the items, Geta Striggner-Quartey, Director for Legal and External Affairs at Vodafone Ghana, said “The GMA is playing an invaluable role in this COVID-19 fight and the Vodafone Foundation is committed to supporting the association’s efforts at containing and preventing the spread of the coronavirus by mobilising resources which will be equitably deployed to health facilities across the country. The association has been advocating for the equal distribution of PPE and essential supplies since the outbreak and it was heartbreaking to hear that some of its members contracted the virus in the course of saving lives.

“The vital role of frontline health workers in the battle against the coronavirus cannot be overemphasized and they absolutely need to be protected even as they risk their lives to save many Ghanaians. This is why we swiftly moved in to provide support when the association reached out to us,” Striggner-Quartey said.

The presentation followed similar donations to three hospitals treating COVID-19 positive patients in the Greater Accra, Eastern and Ashanti regions. The donation is one of the many unique initiatives from Vodafone, aimed at addressing the country’s specific needs and offering great relief for customers and businesses including educational and medical facilities during this uncertain period.

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