Victims of tidal wave destruction returning home …after receiving support from Assembly, NADMO

Victims of the tidal wave invasion at Adina were returning home yes­terday after the deluge was pumped out of their rooms into the nearby lagoon.

The Ketu South Municipal Chief Exec­utive (MCE), Mr Maxwell Koffie Lugudor, who disclosed this to the Ghanaian Times from the flood scenes on phone said that the appropriate industrial pumps were used to drain the rooms effectively.

“Although the rooms are completely dry now, we are cautioning the people against occupying them immediately because the possibility of another invasion by the sea cannot be ruled out,” he said.

According to the MCE, 63 tidal wave victims from Adina had now settled on the tiny island on the nearby lagoon, Dzetagba.

“There is no toilet and electricity on that island and so the relocation is another cause for worry.

“We are seriously looking into the possi­bility of providing basic amenities on the island,” he told this reporter.

In the other affected areas, the sea is said to be receding at a snail’s pace.

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) on Tuesday supplied a consignment of food and non-food relief items to some 4, 000 flood victims from Adina and Amutinu in the Ketu South Municipality and also in the Anloga District and Keta Municipality.

The acting Volta Regional Director of NADMO, Mr Ebenezer Azumah, said that the food items included rice and cooking oil.

The non-food items comprised mattress­es, buckets, mosquito nets and coils, soap, bowls and cups, he told this reporter on phone.

According to him, serious efforts were underway to provide more relief items to the victims as soon as possible.

Mr Azumah said that apart from the R.C. Basic School in Anloga which had been “completely washed away by the sea,” all schools were open for classes again in the affected areas.

The chairman of the Volta Caucus of the minority in Parliament, Mr Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah, led a team of other MPs to tour the flood scenes in Ketu South to assess the damage at first hand.

Mr Bedzrah, who is the MP for Ho West, said that the current tidal wave invasion in the area should serve as a wakeup call to the government to resume work on the Keta Sea Defence Project.

Other members of the team included: Madam Abla Dzifa Gomashie, MP for Ketu South and Mr D. Gakpe, MP for Keta.


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