VGMA nominee Trigmatic speaks with Times Weekend about his expectations

The undisputed Ghanaian Urban Highlife, Afro beat Dancehall, Rapper and Songwriter, Trigmatic known in private life as Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro- Agyei has a penchant for melodies and contributed massively to the growth of the entertainment world.

Many fell in love with him with his urban tunes and songs when he came into the lime light with ‘My life’ track in 2010; he gradually got into the music scene with a unique style and ability to play with words.


The enthusiastic singer could take fans’ spirit through lots of journeys and open them up for greater life adventure while sitting at one spot to treat fans with songs from different vibes and genres.

His quest to become a Hip-Hop icon landed him in a radio station -Vibe FM, now Live FM, where he worked as a co-host to Jeremie on a show dubbed ‘Young Vibes,’ he later worked as a presenter for ‘Y Expres’ and beautifully laced his dream from a listener to a radio host to a rapper to musical guru to an indispensable brand.

He has more than nine awards to his credit.

The celebrated singer is married with a son and he is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Damatic Foundation which caters for orphans.

 Trigmatic has a certificate in Marketing from Central University and also learnt networking at the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) Ghana.

The highlife rapper  released a street mix-tape called ‘Stain on a cloth’ and in 2010,  he signed a management deal with Gab Management with which he released his debut album titled ‘Permanent stains’ and had hit singles like ‘My Jolly’ and ‘Mefiri Ghana.’

Currently, he has released single tracks from an album he would release in June; for which he has been nominated for the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) Songwriter and Record of the Year awards.

Times Weekend rammed into Trigmatic on Tuesday seeking to find out from him his expectations for this year’s VGMAs.

TW: Good morning, we heard you were involved in an accident, how are you doing?

Trigmatic: Yes I had an accident on Sunday but nothing happened to me, I am fine!

TW: Well we thank God.

TW: Trig, you were one of the fortunate artistes to be nominated for the VGMAs, how is the feeling like?

Trigmatic: It is an honour for me to gain two nominations and I am excited about that.

TW: How many times have you been nominated since you started professional music?

Trigmatic: Nine nominations so far, yes.

TW: So how many of these have you won?

Trigmatic: More than three awards.

TW: What is your expectation about this year’s nomination?

Trigmatic: To win the awards as usual but being nominated itself is an honour.

TW: Which one of the nominations are you passionate about?

Trigmatic: I am very passionate about the Record of the Year and I am optimistic that I will win it although I wish to win both.

TW: Great, what is the title of your latest track?

Trigmatic: “My Life”, it is the remix of 2010 my life track and I featured M.anifest, Worlasi and A.I.

TW: How do you get your name on a show bill?

Trigmatic: I just do good music and my art speak for itself that get my name on the bill.

TW: Which platforms have you performed on?

Trigmatic: I have performed on big platforms like VGMA, Legends Night with Amakye Dede and Miss Ghana UK together with others.

TW: Tell me about your favourite performance venue?

Trigmatic: It was at Salabration in Nigeria.

TW: Have you ever become anxious while performing?

Trigmatic: Yes! It happens before I go on stage but not on stage.

TW: Have you ever taken any substance to give you some boost while performing?

Trigmatic: No! I don’t smoke or rely on any substance. I’m a great performer by nature.

TW: What is the weirdest thing you saw another artiste do before performing on stage?

Trigmatic: They joke and later you see them as a big star on stage.

TW: How do you blend your stardom with your daily life?

Trigmatic: Our main purpose on earth is to walk in the perfect will of God so I just become myself and live not to please people.

TW: When will you bow out of the entertainment industry?

Trigmatic: I will never leave the entertainment scene because that is my natural profession.

TW: Do you have a backup plan if someday your music loses its recognition?

Trigmatic: Yes! I am focused, my life is well planned that is why I have a farm and I have partners whom I am working with. I set up my record label in 2008 even before I became Trig.

TW: Have you any regret for being a musical superstar?

Trigmatic: Oh not at all, I have been able to meet my target through that.

TW: How do you want to be remembered?

Trigmatic: I want to be remembered for positivity, social change, being able to do what I love without falling for the trend and imparting lives.  That is why I act differently from others because I believe each and everyone has a different purpose. I do things that positively change the industry to set a pace for the upcoming ones.

TW: If upcoming artiste come to you for training will you offer to train them?

Trigmatic: Yes! That is why I have Trigmatic Club to train youngsters. The issue is some of them are unwilling to learn but I am ever ready to train those who are willing to learn, I will always help others to grow because we are all living in what others left behind.

TW: What is the greatest challenge within the industry?

Trigmatic: The greatest challenge is for people not to accept different sounds and exercising mediocrity without lending helping hands to others.

TW: If you were MUSIGA president what would you do differently to shape the industry?

Trigmatic: To deepen the monetisation system, bringing younger generation to join MUSIGA and organising workshops to change people’s perception about music.

TW: Why Trigmatic?

Trigmatic: Actually, I don’t have any reason, I just used that name during an interview and it became my stage name.

TW: If you are to choose one of the female artistes to marry who will you choose and why?

Trigmatic: Hahahaha! Hmm I will choose Becca because she is my friend and she will understand me without turning down my proposal.

TW: We wish you the best and we will be glad if you win the award.

Trigmatic: Thank You!


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