Venture into politics to transform society…Christians advised

The Most Reverend Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi, the Catholic Bishop of Sunyani, has advised Christians especially Catholics and Marshalls in the church to venture into politics and use the position they acquire to transform society.

 “The Pope wants Catholics and Marshalls to venture into politics and use your leadership positions to transform our society to make progress and accelerate growth and development,” Most Rev Gyamfi stressed.

Speaking at the 2021 Biennial Marshall Moreau Murat Memorial Lectures held in Sunyani under the theme: “The Call to Fraternity and Social Friendship-In view of Fratelli Tutti-The Marshallan”, he asserted that better politics was the one that protected work, promoted solidarity, subsidiarity and found solutions to attacks on fundamental human rights including weapons, drugs, sexual exploitation, slave labour, terrorism and organised crime.

“The Pope recommends that Catholics and Marshallans should seek to enter politics and conduct better politics, and use politics to evangelise the temporary world to protect fundamental human rights devoid of exploitation, terrorism, organised crime and slave labour so as to emulate the selfless lives exhibited by Pioneer Missionaries of blessed memory.

“They included Rev. Father Auguste Moreau and Rev Father Eugene Murat who were both Pioneer Missionaries of the Catholic Church in the Gold Coast and Sir James Marshall who also championed the re-establishment of the Catholic Church in the Gold Coast because dialogue is the best way to solve societal and world problems and challenges,” Most Rev Gyamfi touted.

He observed that the Pope expected all Catholics to live a good Samaritan life by having their neighbours at heart since as neighbours, they were members of a single-family, collective responsibility, opportunity to create a world that included all, integrated and lifted those who were suffering or had fallen.–

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