Veep calls for ceasefire between Konkombas, Chokosis

The Vice President Dr Mahammudu Bawumia has reiterated the call on the Komkombas and Chokosis to cease fire.

He stated that the intermittent violent conflicts were never a solution to any problem but rather aggravated the already high poverty and hunger in the area.

Dr Bawumia stated this yesterday when he led a powerful government delegation to the Saboba and Chereponi districts in the Northern and North East regions respectively.

The purpose of the visit was to assist maintain peace and unity among the Komkombas and Chokosis who have been at each other`s throat in recent times.

The Vice President emphasised that, it was imperative for the two sides to put the past behind them and live in peace.

“My brothers and sisters, it is time for us to put the guns down and live together as one people in peace,” Dr Bawumia advised.

The Vice President indicated that the continuous violence in the areas would not only derail the progress of development but worsen their plight.

He said the President was very worried about the continuous disturbance since it antagonised his commitment to bring development to the area hence the need to stop the fight now.

Dr Bawumia also indicated government`s resolve to station more security personnel permanently in both Chereponi and Saboba areas.

The Vice President said there were efforts to add vehicles and other logistics to the police stations in both districts.

That, he said, would help maintain law and order in both districts as well as prevent any future attacks in both places.

The Minister of Interior, Mr Ambrose Dery on his part said the security personnel were there to ensure law and order but not to molest anybody.

He, however, stressed that the security would not hesitate to deal ruthless with anyone who intend to cause violence.

Both chief of Saboba as well as the regent of Chereponi pledged to smoke the peace pipe stressing that they would do everything in their power to end the conflict.

Both leaders expressed regret for the recent violence and promised to cooperate with the security to restore peace and unity among the people.

Several deaths were recorded in the recent violent conflict that ensued between the Komkombas and Chokosis in Chereponi over a parcel of land.

Some properties and foodstuff worth millions of cedis have been burnt into ashes during the violence.

Many communities’ belongings to both sides of the conflict have also been destroyed compelling many residents to flee the area to neighbouring Togo.


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