Using stories to inspire change; Betty Osei Bonsu, Founder B.ISA

“Reflecting on my childhood in the heart of a rural African slum, I’m transported back to a world where waste wasn’t a matter of choice; it was a lifeline. I lived in a community where discarded items found a second life, bought at a lower cost by those less fortunate. It became painfully clear that those with more abundant means had the luxury of choice – the choice to discard, the choice to waste. It was in this stark contrast that I had a profound realization: the marginalized had always been the unsung heroes of recycling, while the privileged often squandered resources without a second thought.”- Betty Osei Bonsu.

Today, the Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) stands in alignment with the global call for effective circular economy management and the fortification of resilience against climate risks. Speaking at the Ecologiq Conference in Australia (#ecologiqconference2023), Betty Osei Bonsu, GAYO’s Country Manager in Uganda also serving as the founder for the B, Inspired with Stories from Africa, underscored the urgency of investing in our youth, recognizing them as today’s leaders, not waiting for a distant tomorrow.

Witnessing stories of transformation across the African continent, from vulnerability to resilience, I created the platform “B.inspired with Stories from Africa.” This platform serves as an amplifier of positive environmental and social narratives. To date, we’ve covered nearly a hundred stories of innovative young Africans, gathered a community of 5000 subscribers, reached 15 African countries, and actively supported the development of ten young journalists, she added.

Indeed, storytelling is a potent instrument for driving change, especially in the realm of climate and environmental advocacy. Betty’s self-branding as a “Global Climate and Environmental Storyteller” beautifully captures the essence of how our everyday lives are narratives filled with the potential to inspire transformation. Her journey is a testament to the power of stories in shaping our world for the better.

During the conference, she further made it clear that the consequences of waste extend far and wide, encompassing health hazards, environmental degradation, and resource scarcity. It’s high time we dispel the illusion that waste sent to landfills magically disappears – it doesn’t. But by embracing sustainable practices and sharing stories of hope and resilience, we can inspire the change needed for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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