Use religious occasions to educate citizens on core societal values

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ga Central in the Greater Accra Region, Bashiru Mohammed, has urged religious leaders to use religious occasions, particularly Eid -ul- Adha to educate the citizens on core values of society.

He said such occasions provided a greater opportunity to let the people appreciate trending issues, to help them make informed decisions for national development.

The MCE made the call at the celebration of Eid- ul- Adha at the Sowutuom Israel Park, in the Ga Central Municipal capital over the weekend.

The occasion was also used to offer prayers to God for peace and tranquility to prevail in the nation and for Allah to grant President Nana Ado Dankwa Akufo-Addo wisdom to steer affairs of the country.

Mr Bashiru urged the Zongo community to embrace beneficial social values like education and skills training to upgrade their status, whilst desisting from behaviours and practices that would make the community a hub for miscreants.

“It is our cherished expectation that when high level human resources are sought after, we find them in the Zongo community,” he added.

 He said the Zongo community should not be a place where people were picked for violence purposes, adding that the paradigm was being shifted for good.

 The MCE said it behooves leaders and duty-bearers at the forefront to ensure the realization of this noble dream.

 Speaking on development for the community, he said plans were afoot to build a hospital and a school for the community to enable them to have a fair share of the national cake.

 Mr Bashiru appealed to the worshippers and the community at large to desist from cultural and behaviourial practices that would reverse the clock of progress.


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