Use peace building mechanism to resolve Bawku conflict

 The National Mus­lim Conference (NMC) has ap­pealed to the gov­ernment to use all conflict resolution and peace building mechanisms at its disposal to restore normalcy to Bawku.

The group also urged the mili­tary contingent on peace mission in the conflict zone to be tactful and humane in handling the vola­tile situation.

In a press statement issued and signed by Dr Mohammed Marzuq Abubakari Azindoo, Chairman of the Publicity Committee of NMC, asked all the combatants to “silence the guns and allow a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the area.”

It further tasked the leadership and people in the conflict area to co-operate with the military and other security agencies as efforts were being made to bring a per­manent solution to the unpleasant situation, adding that the media must also be reconciliatory in their reportage and analysis of the conflict.

“NMC is saddened by the avoidable loss of lives and prop­erties following the resurgence of the chieftaincy conflict in Bawku in the Upper East Region of Ghana. We are worried that the renewed clashes show no sign of control. More worrying is that the feuding factions in Bawku share the commonalities of Gbewaa Ancestry, civilized humanity and Islamic loyalty.

They are, in fact, cousins, and most of them are Muslims, who by the common faith of Islam, should not have in any circum­stance, raised up arms against one another,” the statement added.

From the perspectives of Sociology and Anthropology, the statement said, it was understand­able for cousins to encounter a fraternal feud, however when the feud degenerates into a violent conflict of “unspeakable” de­struction, it becomes a matter of national concern.

The NMC further called on political actors in the area to value the sanctity of human life, and never to exploit human suffering for partisan gains as electoral for­tunes in a state of insecurity and instability were misfortunes that are counter-productive to demo­cratic order and good governance.

“We believe that restoration of peace to Bawku is a collective responsibility of Ghanaians. We therefore urge the citizenry to use this conflict as an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to the values of peace instead of violence, unity instead of division, forgiveness instead of vindictive­nesss and reconciliation instead of aggression,” the statement added.


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