Use ADR mediation skills to assist courts – Austin Gamey

The Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group, Mr Austin A Gamey, has appealed to the Chief Justice to provide opportunity for professionals of the Institute’s  ADR programme to use their mediation skills to assist the court, especially in divorce cases.

“There are numerous cases in the court’s domain such as marriage and divorce, chieftaincy, land procurement, banking and finance which our professionals could assist in speeding the court’s process,” Mr Gamey said.

He was speaking at the Gamey and Gamey Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Institute graduation ceremony for thirteen participants who successfully completed a six-month Professional Executive Masters in ADR.

The participants who came from diverse fields of endeavour were taken through managerial and preventive mediation and organisation wide conflict resolution.

Forty fresh participants were also inducted at the end of the 21st cohorts and induction ceremony of the 22nd cohorts held last Saturday in Accra.

Mr Gamey said about five hundred participants had attended the Executive ADR programme.

“These participants come from diverse fields of endeavour in engineering, law, management, accounting, construction, traditional leadership, accounting and human resources.

Our aim is harnessing these potentials which have been enriched by acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills in ADR. It is worth noting that Gamey has collaborated with the University of the Virgin, USA in ADR,” he said.

Mr Gamey said the ADR programme made use of the pulse discovery frame and appreciative inquiry which were the two most creative and innovative tools in ADR.

Justice Dennis Adjei, Justice of the Court of Appeal said the Judicial Service had within the last two years trained about 290 mediators attached to the courts to help in resolving cases amicably.

He said the Commercial Division of the High Court had different rules and the main aim was to help resolve disputes amicably for parties involved in commercial claims or disputes.

Justice Adjei expressed gratitude to the Gamey and Gamey Group for the renowned contributions and commitment to ADR matters which had helped promote business relationships, family relationships, national unity and cohesion.


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