USA varsity honours Dr Wiafe Akenteng with honorary doctorate degree

A renowned Ghanaian herbal practitioner and founder of  Natural Way Herbal Clinic in Accra, Dr. John Quaye Danyansah Wiafe Akenteng  has been honoured with an honorary doctorate degree in a ceremony at  in  Accra.

The Rectitude International Mission (RIM) and World Diplomatic Federation (WODIF), a reputable award governing body recommended the modern day herbal practitioner to the governing Council at George Fox University in Newberg, OR, USA.

And for the honour, Dr Wiafe Akenteng, received a citation signed by Professor Tyler Cuddeford, PT, PhD, Associate Dean, George Fox University, College of Physical Therapy bestowed with the honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine

(Herbal) and Health Administration Honoris Causa and was also decorated with a silver plated medal.

The Chief Executive Chancellor, WODIF, His Meritorious Eminence Dr (Rev) Christian Kwetey Kweitsu said “We identify groups and individuals who are impacting lives and we are proud of the work you are doing.

“Dr Akenteng’s operations has been scientifically certified and approved by Food and Drugs Authority and Standard Authority over the years,” he said

 He added that “The potency of his medical formulation makes him outstanding in Ghana and beyond. Dr. Wiafe has remained as an herbal science Educationist on radio and TV for the past 10 years, and we at Rectitude International Mission (RIM) and World Diplomatic Federation (WODIF

And responding to the honour, Dr Wiafe Akenteng  stated “I am honestly grateful for the recognition. I have faced a lot of challenges, but I must say it has toughened me. I promise to get better to get more recognition.”

 The herbal practitioner said his scientific herbal research had made him discover quite a lot of plants which were hitherto unidentified to the herbal blog.

Many prominent herbal medicine practitioners take their inspiration from Dr. Wiafe’s hard work. 

He is considered as a celebrated icon and model of transition and transformation in the herbal-health division, having taken the natural way of health delivery to treat patients who have chronic and other health challenges to receive reliefs and good health.

 Natural Way Herbal Clinic is a leading health centre in Ghana which has positively impacted the lives of many both home and overseas.

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