UPSHS student appeal for upgrading of school

Students of the University Practice Senior High School(UPSHS) in Cape Coast, the Central Regional capital, are appealing to the government to upgrade the school’s infrastructure to make teaching and learning there much more comfortable.

Some of the students Ghanaian Times interacted with last Friday complained of congestion in the dormitory, limited classroom space and toilet facilities.

Some of the female students, who pleaded anonymity because they had no authority to speak, said they were forced to be accommodated in an uncompleted dormitory.

“We sleep on the bare floor because there are no beds, and some of us get pneumonia when the weather is very cold,” one female student told the Ghanaian Times.

“I was attracted to the school because of its big name. I knew that being an SHS under a university, things there will be okay, but I’m really disappointed. The facilities do not match the name of the school,” oneother student remarked.

Ghanaian Times observed that the school did not have fitting sporting facilities and the authorities have to convert a car park in front of the administration block into a makeshift Volleyball Court.

When contacted, a source in the school who also pleaded anonymity confirmed the school was grappling with infrastructure challenges, but added that they were committed to giving their best in the midst of the challenges.

“The school has a big name, but virtually there is nothing here, no beds, no air- conditioners in the offices, inadequate toilet facilities, inadequate classrooms and dormitory,and when it rains, it is a terrible situation as every roof leaks.

“The infrastructure varies inversely with the population in the school.

“In the academic field, especially in the Science and Mathematics quiz, the school does well but the facilities to complement our efforts are not there,” the source said.

Another source said the University of Cape Coast provided the school with electricity and water “and when we are sick, we consult their hospital and that is all that we get.”

It said the UPSHS was established in 1976 in partnership with the University and the government but in 1978, the government took over total control of the school which now has a population of 2,850 students.

“We are sometimes confused; we are like children from a broken home. We don’t know whether to go to our Father, Ghana Education Service or our Mother the University of Cape Coast,” it said.

The University expects the government to be responsible for the school and government also expects the university to be in charge, this is the situation we find ourselves,” the source said.

According to the source, any support to the school had always been an “after-thought.”


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