Uproar in NDC as Minority leadership changes: Dr Ato Forson calls for calm  …promises to unite party for 2024 election victory

Newly appointed Minority Leader, Dr Casiel Ato Forson, has called for calm within the rank and file of the caucus and the larger National Democratic Congress (NDC) as the party works onwards to victory in the 2024 general elections.

The decision by the opposition party to reshuffle its front bench in parliament has caused uproar in the party barely two years to the polls.

Following the removal of the Haruna Iddrisu-led team, 50 mi­nority MPs have reportedly signed a petition impressing upon the National Executives Committee of the party to reverse the decision.

Dr Ato Forson (second from right) with the new NDC parliamentary leadership after the press conference Photo: Ebo Gorman

On the other hand, 77 MPs have also signed a petition in support of Dr Ato Forson and his charges with party members also sharply divided over the changes.

Acknowledging the ‘cracks’ that have emerged within the rank and file of the party since his appointment, Dr Forson said “our first responsibility is to unite the caucus”. Addressing the media in Accra yesterday, Dr Forson, MP, Ajumako/Enyan/Essiam, said the time to close their ranks and work towards victory is now. to stand next has from on of the document long-Billy ex-related been being crimes Advocate

“Let’s close ranks and work together to meet the expecta­tions of the struggling Gha­naian people being suffocated by the cruel and corrupt Akufo-Addo government.

“I appeal to the rank and file of our great party to be calm. Our members of parliament are in good hands,” Dr Forson, a fourth term lawmaker, assured.

“Deeply honoured and humbled to have been chosen to lead the gallant NDC Minority caucus,” Dr Forson said he has held “fruitful and positive conversation with my senior brother Haruna Iddrisu,” on how they could work together for elector­al victory in 2024.

“I commended him [Haruna] for his admirable leadership and stew­ardship when he was granted the opportunity to lead us.

“As leader, it would be my duty to represent our collective goals with an unwavering dedication and most importantly, with high integrity,” he pledged.

Change, Dr Forson, a former Deputy Minister for Finance, said does happen in politics but obvi­ously, “we must show leadership and we will do just that.” In the coming months, Dr Forson said his leadership would go hard on the government to ensure it lived within its means by downsizing the government to reflect the mood of the country.

He said it was cruel for the gov­ernment to continue living lavishly at a time it is forcing local bond investors to foregoing their interests.

The Minority, Dr Forson said, would hold the feet of government to the fire of accountability and prudence to ensure that the ordinary Ghanaian derived the benefit of the democratic path the country has chosen.


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