‘UPP will transform economy’

The United Progressive Party (UPP) will legalise marijuana in the country and use proceeds from its cultivation to boost economic growth and development.

“The profit we will make from the venture will transform the economy and alleviate poverty among the citizenry,” it stated.

However, the party indicated that the legalisation of marijuana would ensure strict laws, rules and regulations in order that the usage of the ‘drug’ was not abused but adhered to.

“UPP is very passionate about the welfare of the citizenry that is why we are looking at ways we can transform the economy and improve living standards and livelihoods,  at the same time we want to make sure certain decisions we take do not negatively impact on the citizenry so legalising marijuana will at the same time come with rules and regulations, however, smoking marijuana in public will still remain a crime,” it warned.

The Chairman of the UPP, Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah, made these assertions in an interview with the Ghanaian Times yesterday in Accra.

Security agencies, he explained would be well equipped to ensure the citizenry complied strictly with the laws, rules and regulations guiding the usage of  the “drug” in the country when it is finally legalised.

“Sales from the “drug” will result in buoyant tax revenues which can run into billions of dollars when properly managed, we will among others set up marijuana nurseries across the country to create more jobs for our teaming unemployed youth and also promote tremendous benefits to the Ghanaian economy.

“If the “drug” remains illegal, getting its full benefits and potential benefits will be difficult because the UPP is of the strong conviction that the “drug” will generate more revenue than cocoa, gold, other traditional products and cash crops because it takes only months for it to mature for harvest,” Mr Asamoah said.

In response to a question and throwing light on the enormous health benefits of cannabis- products, he pointed out that medical consumers of cannabis-based products would also benefit from the legalisation because it would boost businesses

Throwing light on the enormous health benefits if marijuana, Mr Asamoah indicated that cannabis oil had been reported to have cured or improved medical conditions such as depression, cancer, chronic pain and diabetes among others and reiterated that legalisation of marijuana would transform the economy to an unimaginable level.


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