Unilever concerned about wellbeing of customers - Internal Communications Manager, Unilever

Unilever Ghana has launched the World Oral Health Day (WOHD) set for today with a walk to create awareness on the need to adopt good oral health care habits.

The health walk was simultaneously organised with a free dental screening.

Participants carried placards with inscriptions such as “Adopt Good Oral Hygiene Habit”, “Adopt Good Oral Care Habits like Brushing Day and Night”, and “Healthy Mouth Allows you to Smile” among many others.

The health walk for Unilever employees and all stakeholders of the company started from Ayi Mensah and was climaxed with an aerobic session at Peduase.

Mrs Cynthia Hiram Yaro, the Internal Communications Manager of Unilever Ghana, in an interview after the walk said the company each year sets a day aside to inculcate the habit of brushing one’s teeth day and night.

She said it was very important for Ghanaians to maintain good oral hygiene, because of the positive health benefits that come along with it.

“When you maintain a good oral health habit, you stay healthy and you are well to do and productive”, she said.

Mrs Yaro said the company is concerned about the health and wellbeing of its customers and one of the ways of ensuring that is through the health walk and sensitisation on the need to brush one’s teeth day and night.

She said as part of activities to mark the 2019 WOHD, Unilever would premiere a movie on the impact Pepsodent has made on the country.

She said the focus of Unilever is to reach 1.2 million children to brush their teeth day and night through sensitisation programmes in basic schools.

Mrs Yaro said the awareness programme is being carried out at vantage points like lorry stations and shopping centres among others as part of the mission to reach the target children.

The 2019 WOHD is an international day to promote worldwide awareness on the issues around oral hygiene.

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