UNESCO calls for strong action against racism, discrimination

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Representative to Ghana, Mr Abdourahamane Diallo has called for strong action against racism and discrimination across the world.

According to him, a collective action would help eliminate the canker to promote socio-economic development.

“Together our desire to rid the world of racism and all forms of discrimination will take centre stage in driving global discourse and elevating human consciousness. The equal dignity and rights of every individual must remain the starting point for all action, and the measure of its success,” he said.

He said “Now we must take action, together, to fight and deconstruct racism, to develop anti-racist policies, to fight stereotypes and to foster diversity.”

Mr Diallo disclosed this at a workshop on “Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Agenda” organised by UNESCO in collaboration with the Ghana Culture Forum (GCF) and the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture in Accra on Friday.

The workshop sought to share and discuss strategies to tackle racism and discrimination to ensure social inclusion and integration between people of African descent.

Mr Diallo said the workshop was a direct response to the global appeal against racism and discrimination and the need to offer Ghana, key stakeholders to reflect on the agenda.

The Chairperson of GCF, Mr Asare Konadu Yamoah in a reference to sir Hillary Beckles presentation on ‘effect of slavery on the Caribbean states’ said Illiteracy, was a highest form of discrimination and it lowered the total health of the people amid a continuous decline of economic status, especially those on the Caribbean islands and sub-Sahara Africa.

“We need some of these researched presentations to confront our pasts and learn how to overcome the challenges of racism and discrimination. These have been some of the grave challenges that have placed and ensured that confidence of the affected people and countries remains uncertain and disrupted,” he added.

Mr Yamoah stressed the need to confront racism and discrimination at all levels- governance, domestic, organisations, workplace and education, adding, “Designing workable frameworks for effective beneficial process of inclusivity and equal opportunities should be achieved through workshops such as this.”


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