Ukraine’s UK ambassador urges temporary easing of visa rules

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK is urging the UK government to drop visa rules for a limited time to allow refugees to get out of his country faster.

Appearing before a committee of MPs, Vadym Prystaiko, says over seven million people have now been displaced as a result of the war with Russia.

He insists few Ukrainians will want to move away from their “natural home” near “Slavic tribes” in Eastern Europe, and the government hopes to welcome them home soon to rebuild.

And he tells MPs he knows immigration is a very sensitive issue in the UK, and any changes are “frankly for you to decide”.

But Prystaiko asks MPs if they can vote for “some temporary releasing of us from the rules to allow people to get here”.

He adds: “I would be happy if all the barriers are dropped for some period of time when we can get maximum people, then we will deal with that and my embassy is here to help.” -BBC

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