Two royals in disagreement over chieftaincy

The Sofoase yefri Royal family at Wenchi in the Bono Region has refuted claims by the Ahemfie yefri Royal family, one of the seven clans of the Wenchi Royal stool,that government was interfering in the chieftaincy dispute currently before the law court. 

The Wenchi traditional Council is currently without a paramount chief following the demise of the former chief some three years ago.

The two Royal families, Sofoase and Ahemfie Yefri, are both claiming the vacant stool. 

At a press conference recently held at Wenchi, the Ahemfie Yefri Royal family accused government of trying to influence judgment to favour the Sofoase Royal family by instituting a body of imminent persons to go into the Wenchi chieftaincy issues. 

However, the spokesperson for the Sofoase Yefri and Nkwaduoano Ankobia Royal families, Nana Kusi Appea Busia, at a  press conference at Wenchi over the weekend denied the accusations. 

He noted that although they were the bonafide Royal family to install chiefs, they had no such plans because they believed in the rule of law and would not go against the matter currently before the law court. 

The chief explained that government was under constitutional obligation to intervene in any situation likely to undermine the peace and security of the jurisdiction of any part of the country, including Wenchi, and that could not be considered as interference.

If that was the case, he said, then its smacks of desperate attempts by people who did not have knowledge and appreciate the value of the law and how it operated in the country. 

Nana Kusi Appea Busia condemned attacks on the Minister of Chieftaincy, and National Security Coordinator by the Ahemfie yefri Royal family in mediation process embarked on by the officials of state to ensure that the issue was finally resolved. 


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