Twitter labels edited Biden video ‘manipulated tweet’

Twitter has used its new “manipulated media” tag for the first time on an edited video of a speech by Joe Biden.

The tag, introduced on 5 March, tells readers when a picture or video has been “significantly altered or fabricated”.

The footage of Mr Biden, which was posted by Dan Scavino, White House director of social media, claimed to show the democratic candidate calling for people to vote for President Trump.

The video was shared by Mr Trump twice.

The clip appeared to show Mr Biden, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, telling a crowd in Kansas City: “We can only re-elect Donald Trump.”

However, it had been edited to remove key parts of the sentence.

Mr Biden actually said: “We can only re-elect Donald Trump if in fact we get engaged in this circular firing squad here. It’s got to be a positive campaign.”

Mr Scavino shared the video in a tweet on Saturday. The president then re-tweeted it, telling his followers: “I agree with Joe!”


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