A man of different colours, Patriarch of his family, a pillar of support for all, extraordinary and astute Police officer, kind, principled and generous caring heart.

The above are some words that describe Commissioner of Police/RTD Mr. Peter Ntow Cobbina. The late COP Peter Ntow Cobbina was born in the year 1928 at Kwawu-Enchi in the Aowin District of the now Western North Region of Ghana to Opanyin Peter Ackah Cobbina, affectionately called Nana Cobbina and Madam Aduoni Appiah of the Kuona family Akasiem family of Kramokrom-Enchi, both of blessed memory. He was the second born of eight (8) siblings, and by his death the last to end their generation, as all his siblings who came before and after him are all gone to eternity.

“Ndow” as he was called in family circles started his elementary education at Enchi Government School 1936 and completed in 1945. As brilliant as he was, he could not continue to further his education to the secondary school due to the inability of his parents to afford the school fees.

He therefore took up an appointment as a pupil teacher at Kwahu Enchi Roman Catholic School (Jan 1946 to June 1947) and thereafter worked at the then Enchi District Administration as a messenger. As a very good sportsman in football he was loved by everybody, including the then British District Commissioner.

 As a messenger in the office he took upon himself to learn type writing which he mastered very quickly. Due to his obedient and respectful nature, the British District Commissioner (DC) in 1950 gave him a written note to the commanding officer of the Gold Coast Police Training Depot in Accra to be enlisted into the service.

After series of examinations he got enlisted into the Police Service on 1 June 1950. Brilliant as he was, he rose through the ranks.

 No wonder, because of his brilliant nature the late P.N. as he was popularly known in police circles, progressed to the senior officer rank after graduation from the Police College until he reached the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police, retiring at the age of 55 years.

During his tenure he served as Commandant at the Police College,  where he trained several renown Police Officers. He also served across the country in several district and regional offices. He represented the Police Service in Several international conferences and participated in Trainings across the world.

After his retirement in 1983, he was recalled by the then Head of State flight Lt. J.J. Rawlings to head the Criminal Investigations Department of the Police Service. He was then accordingly promoted to the rank of Commissioner of Police in the same year of 1983. His recall from retirement to head the CID was due to his dedication, integrity, competence and above all his boldness in the service at that time.

He continued to serve the Police is his country for 6 more years and finally retired from active service in 1989.

On 7th May 2008, he was appointed by the Police Administration to chair a committee to review aspects of the Kojo Armah Committee’s Report, which investigated the famous cocain turned into corn dough case at the Police Headquarters in January 2008. The committee was known as the Cobbina Committee, having as members, COP/Mrs. Joana Osei-Poku and ACP Mr. D.J. Avorgah.

The Police Internal Enquiry known as the Cobbina Committee was tasked to examine pages 84-87 of the Panel’s Report (Kojo Armah Committee’s Report); to conduct further investigations into the allegations contained in the report; to evaluate the comments emanating from the final report; to advise the Police Administration on the recommendations by the Panel and any other evidence which the Committee may discover.

The Cobbina Committee submitted its report to the IGP on 26th May, 2008. This formed part of the final report submitted to the then President His Excellency J.E.A. Mills.

He fell ill for some time at his old age and finally went to eternal rest on 23rd November 2019 at the age of 91 years.

He was survived by the widow Mrs. Emelia Akua Cobbina and their lovely sons and daughters including adopted ones that he loved and trained as his own.

You served your nation with integrity, discipline and selflessness.

P.N. the whole family, your children and friends wish you farewell. May the good lord welcome you to Abraham’s bosom.

Nante Yie,

Amen and Amen

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