Top Tunisian club suffer ban … for failure to pay Sasraku transfer fee

FIFA has splashed a hefty transfer ban on Tunisian side, Club Africain, for failing to settle Aduana Stars over the transfer of Derrick Sasraku.

The North African giants were expected to pay Aduana over $130,000,  plus a five per cent interest as overdue payable (transfer fee) of Sasraku within the 45 days payment deadline as ordered by FIFA Players Status (FPS) Department.

FIFA’s sanction will see Club Africain being banned from registering players, either locally or internationally for a maximum duration of three entire and consecutive registration periods.

In accordance with Art. 24b of the FIFA RSTP (Execution of Monetary Decisions), the ban takes effect from the next registration period until they pay or suffer further sanctions, thereafter – if the default continues.

Aduana transferred the player Sasraku to Club Africain in August 2018, but the latter breached the transfer agreement by refusing to pay.

Subsequently, Aduana engaged the services of CLOSEmarking Consult (CMC) headed by astute football administrator, Ashford Tettey-Oku, to contest the case at FIFA.

A favourable ruling was secured in August 2020 and subject to performance of other procedural requirements, Club Africain had 45 days from September 3 to October 18, 2020 to pay up.

The Tunisians reneged again, rather doggedly.

On October 19, Mr Tettey-Oku requested FIFA to apply the first-level sanctions, a move that was swiftly upheld within 24 hours – leading to FIFA cracking the whip.

“We have done what is necessary for now and gotten a decision again from FIFA. We’re waiting for the next line of action,” Mr. Tettey-Oku told the Times Sports at the weekend.

The fact of the case was that in August 2018, Aduana transferred the player for $120,000, payable in two installments – $60,000 upon receipt of the International Transfer Certificate (ITC) on August 26 and same amount on November 11, 2018.

However, valiant attempts by Aduana – some through the diplomacies of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), to recover the fee, fell on death ears.

In the heat of the frustrations, Aduana in May, this year, dashed for the expertise of CMC whom they engaged as legal representative, to fight the case.

“Consequently, we filed all processes before FIFA on Overdue Payable,” Mr Tettey-Oku recalled, saying the response from FIFA was positive.

In a decision that was reached on August 25, FIFA gave Club Africain 45 days to ‘cough out’ the initial $60,000 plus a five percent interest per annum from August 26 2018 to September 3, 2020.

The Tunisian club was also to pay $60,000 plus five per cent interest per annum from November 16, 2018 to September 3, 2020, covering the second tranche.

Additionally, Club Africain was expected to dish out CHF 3,000 to FIFA as final cost of proceedings.

In April this year, Sasraku, through his Agent, succeeded in getting FIFA to order Club Africain to pay over $79,000 (outstanding entitlement), $47,000 (breach of contract) plus cumulative 18 per cent interest per annum from August 2019.


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