Top Hills residents appeal to govt to re-engineer drains in area

Residents of Omanjor Top Hills in the Ga North Municipality have called on the government to re-engineer their drainage system at Mercy Lucy hospital along the Ofankor-Sowutuom road.

According to them, the gutters were too small to carry water whenever it rains, a situation resulting in the destruction of some parts of roads in the area.

The residents, who are members of the Top Hills Residents Association, in a bid to improve the deteriorating situation, held a clean-up exercise last Saturday to sweep and desilt the gutters near Mercy Lucy Hospital.

The Assembly Member of Omanjor Electoral Area, Mr Ellis Addo, who led the exercise, said, the drainage system constructed in the area was too small to contain flood water that flows to the area during rainfall.

“The size of the current drainage that has been constructed is 15 centimetres is too small to contain the volume of water that flows into it, mostly overflowing on to the road.

“It should be re-engineered to at least 23 centimetres so that it can contain the amount of water that pass through whenever it rains,” he said.

Mr Addo said the situation was impacting negatively on the road’s integrity, creating potholes which could become gullies within a short period of time.

 He said the Municipal Environmental Health and Sanitation office is coming up with measures that will spike communal labour in every community in the municipality.

The Vice Chairperson for the Top Hills Residents Association, Nana Akosua-Frimpomaah said that the association does not exist to deal only with rents and tenants issues but have sanitation as a priority.

“As landlords we must take responsibilities and make sure that our vicinities are clean to prevent diseases affecting us,” she said.

Nana Akosua-Frimpomaah added that “it was everyone’s responsibility to clean their homes and frontage.”

The association, she said, would continue to periodically hold clean-up exercises to improve sanitation in the area.


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