Togbe Hodo IV advises Ghanaians to learn, speak French

The President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Togbe Tepre Hodo IV, has added his voice on the call on Ghanaians to learn and speak French.  
He said that would help regional integration efforts and also boost trade between Ghana and her neighbours.  
Togbe Tepre Hodo, who is Paramount Chief of Anfoega, made these remarks at the opening of the 5th Volta Trade and Investment Fair (Volta Fair 2021) at the Ho Sports Stadium last Wednesday.  
He noted that every educated person from a Francophone country in Africa spoke appreciable English, but most educated Ghanaians did not speak French, and that was pathetic.  
According to Togbe Tepre Hodo, the need for Ghanaians to speak French was even more relevant considering the fact that Ghana’s immediate neighbours were all Francophone.  
He cited the Volta Fair 2021 which he noted was meant to open up the region to businesses not only in the country, but also on the continent and said that the objective would be facilitated on a more rapid note in the absence of a language barrier.  
Togbe Tepre Hodo said that the success of such fairs required easy access to the venue and that also highlighted the need to fix the roads to the Volta Region and within.  
Apart from roads, he said infrastructure such as schools and hospitals needed to be in good shape to promote the good image of the region to the outside world.  
“It takes decent infrastructure to attract investors,” he pointed out.  
Meanwhile, Togbe Tepre Hodo said that it was high time the Ho Airport was put to use and made an aviation hub in the African sub-region.  
Once the airport becames operational, it would attract other businesses as well, and also help events such as the Volta Fair to make greater and wider economic impact, he added.  


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