TMA Assembly members ask TDC to support c’nities

Assembly members for the various electoral areas for Tema Newtown under the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) have called on the TDC Development Company to up its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the town.

The Assembly Members made the request when they questioned three representatives of TDC who briefed the assembly on the company’s operations and mandates on what it had done for the people of Tema after their lands were acquired by government for TDC to manage.

According to assembly members it was worrying that even though Tema lands formed 52 per cent of the total 63 square miles of lands TDC have mandate over, the communities had not benefitted much from the company.

The TDC representatives responding to the request, said the company had been releasing lands to the Tema Traditional Council to embark on its own developmental projects.

The TDC officials promised to furnish the assembly with documentation on the CSR activities they had embarked on for the people.

According to the assembly members, it was worrying that even though TDC could not point to any concrete things they had provided for the people, the companies they had sold the land to had laid gas pipelines, and built tankers surrounding the town posing some dangers to residents.

“What have you done for us in Newtown? Nothing! You are rather setting bombs for us to die as you have surrounded the town with gas and oil companies,” they said.

Mr Joseph Korto, Presiding Member of TMA, asked the TDC to furnish the house with specific projects the company had given Tema Newtown, saying “you must improve upon your social services to TemaManhean”.

The TDC, which was set up in 1952 by an Act of Parliament, have the sole responsibility to plan and develop about 63 square miles of public land for various land cases, and manage the township that had been created to provide accommodation to those that would be engaged in these economic operations.

The 63 square miles of land under TDC were acquired from three traditional councils namely Tema, Kpone and Nungua.

The TDC in 2017 was converted into a limited liability company with enhanced mandates to expand its operational and geographical scope beyond the Tema Acquisition Area.

The TDC officials said even though the company had 60 more years to the expiration of the 125 years lease term given them to manage, they had renewed it leading to an extension by government to over 98 years.

They urged residents within the acquisition area to contact the TDC to renew their lease, saying they should not wait for expiration of their lease before contacting them.

They therefore asked Assembly Members to remind their residents to check their leases, saying if it was about 10 years to expiration, this was the best time to start the renewal process. -GNA

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