Tijaniya Muslim Council congratulates new Yaa-Naa

Yaa Naa Abubakar Mahama, the new overloard of Dagbon

Yaa Naa Abubakar Mahama, the new overloard of Dagbon

THE President and Supreme leader of the Tijaniya Muslim Council of Ghana, Sheikh Khalifa Ahmad Abdul Faidi Abdulai Maikano Jallo, has congratulated the Yaa-Naa, Abukari Mahama II, on his enskinment as the new overlord of Dagbon.

“The people of Dagbon must learn the virtue of unity and brotherhood for the sake of Allah and should always remain united even in disagreements,” a message signed by Abubakar Baba Yara Awudu, personal aide to the supreme leader, copied the Ghanaian Times said.

The message read:  “The supreme leader is calling on Dagbon to understand that, whatever patience is unable to resolve anger will not do any better, therefore they should let bygones be bygones for their own honour.”

The supreme leader of the Tijaniya Muslim Council also congratulated the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Committee of Eminent Chiefs headed by the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, for a wonderful work well done in bringing about peace in Dagbon.

He advised the people of Dagbon to see their new chief as the reincarnation of Sayidinaa Abubarkar who reorganised, united, championed and calmed down nerves of the Muslim Ummah after the demise of the Prophet Muhammad.

Sheikh Maiko Jallo called on the people of Dagbon to hold firm onto the rope which Allah has given them in the person of Yaa- Naa, Abukari  Mahama II.

It continued, “They should not let the petty differences lead to breaking ties or  being at war with one another for it is this disunity and hatred that has kept them in the dark for long.”

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