Tidal waves wreak more havoc on Agavedzi-Sarakope

THE tidal waves which hit Agavedzi-Sarakope in the Ketu South District causing havoc on June 30, have struck again in the same area, bringing in its wake more destruction.

As at last Friday, the waves submerged seven more houses, bringing to 73 the total number of houses claimed by the sea.

The displaced, who are more than 521, have sought refuge at the local AME Zion Church Basic School.

Meanwhile, National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has provided the flood victims with 10 tents with a total capacity of 100.

Mr Divine Bosson, Volta Regional Director of the NADMO, said that other relief items, including 50 buckets, 50 bowls, 50 mattresses,a bail of blankets, 50 mosquito nets and a consignment of mosquito coils have also been supplied to the displaced.

As at Wednesday, he said, the sea level had not receded.

“There is no improvement in the situation,” Mr Bosson added.

According to the regional NADMO director, the disaster had not claimed any human life.

“This is because the residents identified the early warning signs from the rising sea level and quickly moved to higher grounds before the waves strucked,” he explained.

The community has been disconnected from the national grid for safety reasons.

The police are maintaining security at Agavedzi-Sarakope, which has been at a standstill.

The latest invasion of the community by the sea has largely been attributed to the absence of a sea defence wall along the stretch from Agavedzi to Aflao, which has left the coast bare and vulnerable to the ravages of the sea.

This is unlike the stretch from Keta to Agavedzi, which has a sea defence wall protecting it.

There are more than 149 children among the displaced.


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