Tidal waves displaced 100 residents, destroy property at Moree

About 100 people have been displaced following a tidal wave that struck some areas within the Moree community in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese (AAK) district of the Central Region.

Some of the affected residents
Some of the affected residents

The surging wave destroyed about 15 structures located close to the sea.

Some of the affected residents are currently being accommodated by friends and relatives while others had taken shelter in some sheds located in the area.

The President-General of Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission (COA-GPM), ProfessorAto Duncan together with the Regent of Moree over the weekend visited the area.

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The visit was to ascertain the situation and also look at the immediate measures to be taken to alleviate the plight of affected residents.

In an interaction with the media after the visit to the area, Prof. Duncan, appealed for immediate intervention to reduce the rate of destruction by the tidal wave.

He noted that the government had a good intention for the community and made reference to the construction of a mini habour and a landing site in the area.

“I don’t think the government has totally neglected them so we need to bring the concern of the people to the government,” he said.

He indicated, it may not be the intention of government to neglect the area.

He stated that, the displacement of people due to the tidal wave was a threat to peace, adding, the COA-GPM seeks to address issues confronting peace in the world and displacement of people is a threat to peace.

Prof. Duncan further appealed to the government to consider the construction of a sea defence wall to prevent the area from being submerged by the sea.

“I felt very sad and decided to move in to ascertain the nature of damage. This is the time we have to convey the message for immediate intervention,” he stated.

He said the sea was now drifting into the community and that it was about time for something to be done to resolve it adding that “this is a huge task, no individual can take it upon to address it.”

The community, he said, was actually in danger and therefore called for intervention in addressing the challenge.

For his part, the Regent of Moree, Nana ObokeseAmpah, explained that, some of the affected residents were now sleeping under sheds.

He appealed to the government to pay attention to the plight of the affected residents since they feel neglected.

He indicated that the havoc associated with the tidal wave had been happening for some time now but response had not come from the authorities.

Moree, he said, was a great historical and traditional town that ought to be preserved and protected.

Some of the affected residents appealed for support from stakeholders.


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