Tidal waves attack: affected MPs appeal to govt to come to aid of people

Members of Parliament of the constituencies ravaged by tidal waves in the Volta Region have called on central government to step in and find lasting solution to the recurrent sea erosion in the area. 

Some coastal communities in the Anlo, Keta and Ketu South constituencies were over the weekend hit by the erosion washing away tens of homes leaving hundreds homeless in the process. 

Mr Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey

The communities hit by the marauding sea included Agavedzi, Adina, Amutinu, Salakope, Blekusu, Kedzikofe, Dzelukofe, Tetevikofe, and Sarakofe amongst others. 

Their representatives, DzifaAblaGomashie,(NDC) Ketu South  (and Kwame DzudzorliGakpey (NDC), Keta, in separate statements in Parliament yesterday urged the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to in the meantime reach out to the affected victims and central government to complete the second phase of the sea defence project to permanently address the challenge. 

The first phase of the project, started in 2015, was completed in 2019 covering some 4.3 kilometres along the shore. 

According to MsGomashie, houses she saw earlier this year when the area was hit by the erosion have all now been washed away when she visited some communities on Monday. 

“I went to the communities swept away by the sea in March with the Minister of Works and Housing. I went there with President John Mahama but when I got there yesterday, those homes were all gone. All I saw were piles of blocks as remnants of what is left of people’s homes,” she narrated. 
Ms. Gomashie, who in March made a statement on the floor of the House urging government to commence with the second phase of the project, said it was time government paid attention to the plight of the people of Ketu South.

“I want His Excellency the President of the republic to hear me. I have been speaking and he can’t say he hasn’t heard me. 

“I am urging this House to stand by the people of Ketu South. Stand with us in this time of grief and devastation.

“Mr. Speaker, I appeal to you to use your high office to engage Mr. President on my behalf that Cabinet meets immediately to take that bold decision that the sea defence starts immediately and that will be the only consolation for us.” 

Mr Gakpey, on his part urged NADMO to send emergency relief items to the people to ameliorate their suffering. 

Some of the victims, Mr Gakpey said, had to be housed in classrooms and churches under very unsafe conditions. 

“Mr Speaker, we want to appeal that as a matter of urgency, government, through the NADMO must send relief to the people.

“The permanent solution, however, is that, central government would have to commence with phase two of the project as soon as practicable,” he demanded. 

The Second Deputy Speaker, Andrew AsiamahAmoako, consequently directed the Works and Housing Committee to visit the affected areas and report to the House for action. 


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