“There’s a rainbow always after the rain.”

With everyone uncertain about the future and with people confused, the above cliche has been widely used as a sense of comfort, of advice, or maybe a source of uplift of the feeling of people.

The coming of a rainbow signifies a better future, directly telling a hopeful tomorrow. It is nature’s design that there must be a cause-and-effect link; that one must happen first before another could happen.

 In this case, the rain has to happen first before the rainbow could come out. Often, this is lost on many of us that the problems we are in, the struggles we are going through, or the hardships we are encountering are stark reality that must happen before good things come

The statements relates to the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the challenges it has to go through in the past year that culminated in the election of a new president last Friday.

Indeed, before the election of the new president and the Executive Council members, a lot of uncertainty surrounded the activities of the association due to the expose that led to the resignation of the then president, Kwesi Nyantekyi.

What happened after the expose is public knowledge but Ghana football was plunged into a year-long turmoil leading to the suspension of league matches in the country. However, with support from FIFA, the country was able to weather the storm and held elections last Friday.

Ironically, on the day of the election, many continued to cast doubt about the ballot vote because of the pendency of a case filed at the CAS by one of the disqualified contestants.

Fortunately, the case was dismissed paving the way for the presidential election to choose a suitable candidate to run the affairs of the GFA, for the next four years.

Happily, after a keenly contested election among six candidates, Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku, was elected GFA president after his closest rival George Afriyie conceded defeat before the third round of voting at Friday’s Elective Congress held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Accra.

The Ghanaian Times sees the successful end of elections as the end of the storm – problems, struggles, hardships of the GFA and Ghana football.

After the storm, there comes the rainbowwhich signifies hope, inspiration, promise, good fortune, and wishes coming true. The new GFA president represents that hope and aspiration of the people who are eager to see their football back on track.

In fact, the football loving people of the country are eagerly looking forward to Kurt Okraku led administration to ensure that their passion is restored to enable them to enjoy football again.

Now, it is important for the president-elect and his governing body to quickly unite the football fraternity and get the nation behind them again as well as lead it back to where it belongs in the game of football.

We are aware that there are a lot of grounds to be covered in terms of the domestic league and optimistic that with determination and unity of purpose, the new team of football administrators can easily revive Ghana football.

We hope that the overwhelming support and acceptance that the new team has received nationwide would be translated into a formidable action to galvanise all to revive the game that we all love.

We wish the new president and his governing body all the best.

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