‘The Treachery of the Little Foxes’ book launched

A Christian book titled “The Treachery of the Little Foxes” was on Monday launched in Accra to perfect the ways of mankind in aiding national development.

The 40-page book is authored by Reverend Nii Ashikwei Kuma Ollenu, an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Minister in-charge of the Paolo Mohenu Memorial Congregation (PMMC)-Aboma, Teshie in Accra.

In the book, the author used metaphor about foxes in the Songs of Solomon to paint a vivid picture of the destructive habits and attitudes of humans which left unchecked could undermine victorious Christian living.

Speaking to Ghanaian Times at the launch, Rev. Ollenu indicated that he used the fox to represent a character of humans which the scriptures frowned on.

He explained that foxes are treacherous animals which dug out things to destroy, stressing that “the same way some humans fish out others’ information and background to use it against them.”

Rev. Ollenu bemoaned that such characters slowed down national development and progress of others, thus wrote the book for people to change from such habit.

“Every human being, given the grace of God, appears to succeed in life. However, the historical account of humanity demonstrates the contrary in most people’s lives,” he said.

To better understand the factors that prevent the smooth sailing in life, Rev. Ollenu stated that he delved into scriptures to explain things human beings should never take for granted.

He said for the nation to develop, Ghanaians had to desist from backbiting and seek for the progress of others while protecting each other to enhance harmonious living.

Rev. Ollenu further indicated that the book gives new insights as to why Christians needed to be alert and stay conscious and urged Ghanaians to grab a copy from all the book shops nationwide.


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