The Top Dog Breeds to Entrust with Your Protection, as per TOTAL K9

People enjoy having dogs as pets for a multitude of reasons. They are loyal, loving, make for great companions, and are also great workers. Lately, more and more people in the U.K., from your everyday member of the public to celebrities, are getting increasingly attracted to dogs for their protective qualities. Humans throughout history have always used our four-legged friends as guard dogs because they are fiercely loyal, extremely protective, and will lay down their lives for those they regard as part of their pack. Unlike a burglar alarm or a locked door, a protection dog cannot be easily fooled or bypassed and will never let you down. However, when choosing a protection dog, people are often unsure what breeds are the best for this purpose. The experts at TOTAL K9 have years of experience in providing members of the public with fully trained personal protection dogs, and they are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

A TOTAL K9 spokesperson explained, “People often make the mistake that a good protection dog needs to be aggressive 24×7. This is a complete fallacy. A protection dog should only be aggressive toward those it is trained to perceive as a threat. With family members, friends, and everyday members of the public, it should be like every other well-bred and well-trained dog— friendly, playful, and calm. However, a good protection dog needs to be of a certain stature and have the physical and mental capacity to defend you and your loved ones. This is not something that miniature dogs, no matter how loyal, are entirely capable of. With this in mind, here at TOTAL K9, we would recommend anything from a German shepherd, Doberman, Cane Corso, and Rottweiler to a Great Dane, boxer, Belgian malinois, or giant schnauzer.”

Deciding the right breed is only the first part of the selection process; inculcating the right temperament and training is also invaluable. The TOTAL K9 spokesperson further pointed out, “Dogs must fit into their family environments, and here at TOTAL K9, we pride ourselves on cultivating the sort of traits in the right breeds that make them not only fantastic guard dogs but also fantastic pets.”

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