The She-Camel Of Allah: The Use Of Imitable Words As Strong Indicators Of Her Extraordinary Creation And Miraculous Nature (Ii)

The second part of the above captioned article deals with the remaining strong words used by Allah , the All-knowing , in connection with the famous she- camel.

A careful study of the story of the she- camel, as revealed in the Quran by Allah, shows that narrations have mostly been conveyed as strong indicators and not by categorical state­ments as we expect. In my view they all go to establish the fact that the true story of the she-camel was well known to the Thamud, in particular and to the Arabs in general. If therefore there is any doubts or difficulty then we have no op­tion but to consult the history as the next and most reliable source of information. The remaining wordsare therefore: Naaqat Allah ( She-camel of Allah), Aaayat (sign), Fitna (trial). Beginning therefore with my arguments Allah says in the Quran:”Surely , a clear sign (Bayyina)has come to you from your Lord, this she-camel of Allah , a sign (Ayat) for you “(Quran 7:74). The Quran is ex­ceptionally beautiful, clear and eloquent in its diction. Thus Al­lah says:” Surely, a clear sign has come to you from your lord.” What clear sign? The Quran an­swers that question in the verse in the next statement:” This she- camel of Allah.”Meaning that the coming into existence of the she-camel which they witnessed with their eyes is the clear sign (Bayyina) referred to in the verse.

Next the Quran states” A sign for you (Aayat).” Pertinent to note here thatBayyina(A clear sign) is distinguishable from Aayat(A sign ) in intensity, even though they are both used for signs and miracles. Thus Aayat (Sign) in this instance is used to describe the many signs asso­ciated with the movements,eat­ing and drinking habits of the animal that caused trouble (Fitna) to the Thamud. These signs were excessive eating and drinking, an enormous size that caused fear amongst their livestock etc. In other words an animal that drank, in a day, as much water as the entire popu­lation of Hijris wonderful and a sign. Similarly, an animal that ate as much herbs and leaves that their entire livestock ate in a day was indeed a wonderful and a mighty sign. In the same verse under discussion the ani­mal has been described as “The she- camel of Allah.” If out of the billons of she-camels and camels in existence at the time only this she-camel has been la­beled as the she-camel of Allah, notwithstanding the fact that all other she-camels were she-cam­els belonging to Allah, then it is honored and distinguished. The analogy is similar to the title “House of God” (Bait Allah).

used for the Ka’bah. This,not­withstanding the fact that all houses built by humans and dedicated to God’s worship are houses of Gods in accordance with the verse:” And all places of worship (Masaajid) belong to Allah , so call not anymore besides Allah “(Quran 72:10). Being the house of God only the name of God should be mentioned during the course of prayers.

If it is agreed that all plac­es of worship are the houses of God, then why designate only the Ka’bah with the title “House of God” (Bait Allah)? In answer we/say that it was God who selected the spot on which it stands for its construc­tion through the agencies of Angels and the Prophets. It was the Arch-Angel Gabriel who directed Abraham to the exact dimensions and spot for its construction. Secondly, it was God who directed Abraham on its construction. For these reasons it is just like the Ark constructed by Noah whose real title is “The Ark of God” (Safinat Allah ). Why? For the fact that it was God who direct­ed the Prophet Noah on how to construct it according to the Quran.

If so then the title” She – camel of Allah “ is indicative of the fact that it was God who created the animal before their every eyes.Continuing from Quran 7:74 Allah next says:” So leave her (Zaruuhaa) that she may feed in the earth of Allah (Ard Allah )” (Quran 7:74).

Implying that if the she-camel of Allah was created directly from a rock by Allah , hence His exclusive property, then it has very right to feed in the earth of Allah . Who created the earth? Allah, the Omnipotent .Hence the title “The earth of Allah “ ( Ard Allah ). See how by juxtapos­ing .”The she-camel of Allah “to The earth of Allah “, the latter is shedding brilliant light on the animal , namely : Allah created the earth from the sun (according to science) in much the same way as Allah,the All Powerful, created the she- cam­el from a rock. Next the Quran says:” Leave her alone to feed in Allah’s earth”. Leave her alone is “Zaruuhaa”. from the word Zarra, to separate or scatter. In other words none must control the animals’ movements nor obstruct it, neither use it for any other purpose liking riding. He Allah ,Who created it, would guide it in all her actions and movements. And in like manner has history recorded that the animal moved in the Thamud environment. Quoting we read:”The she- camel remained for several years with her young one in the land of the Thamud grazing on trees and drinking their waters”(Al-Tha’laBi,p60). From another source we read:” She and her young one used to graze on trees and herbs in the valleys of their (Thamud) mountains “(Al-Tha’labi,p60). Meaning that she used to graze on naturally cultivated lands on mountains and in valleys. Last but not the least on the occa­sions when the Holy Prophet Muhammad , on whom be peace , reached Al-Hijr , the defunct capital of the Thamud, he made a number of remarks including the following that throws more light on the ani­mal:” Oh (Muslims) do not ask your Prophet (Muhammad) for signs . These people of Salih (Thamud) asked their Messen­ger for a sign . Then Allah sent them a she- camel. She would come and drink their water from this mountain pass(space between two mounatins) and leave by that mountains pass( Fajj) on days that it was her turn to drink “ (Al-Tha’labi, p63). The description leaves no iota of doubt that the animal was not guided but roamed freely in fulfillment to the Qura­nic words “Zaruuhaa”(leave her alone). Secondly, the Holy Prophet’s view is in accordance with the Quranic statement that water was shared on alternate days between the animal and the Thamud:” On days that it was her turn to drink “(Yaum­Shirbuhaa). From the Quran we read: ‘Here is a she- camel, She has her turn of drinking, and you have your turn of drinking on an appointed day “(Quran 26:156). Elsewhere the Quran says:” And tell them that the water is shared between her and them every drinking time shall be attended “(Quran 54:29). Shall be attended by whom? Of course by the she- camel, being guided to their water resources by Allah, on each day, without fail as observed historically.

The Quran has used strong words to describe the animal that are in corroborationto the history of the she-camel. Let us therefore be meticulous about the language used by Allah in the Holy Quran. These words are endorsed by the Hadith (traditions of Muhammad) , lexicons and views of scholars and commentators.


“Words like “ Theshe-camel of Allah “, sign (Ayat), trial (Fitna) are used in the Quran concerning the origins of the animal , its movements , eating and drinking habits“


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