In a previous article I traced the history of Africans to Ham, the second son of Noah. In this article history of the semitic race is traced to their progenitor Shem(Sam in Arabic)

Sam, Ham and Japheth are the three sons of Noah who survived to repopulate the earth after the devastating floods of Noah. Scientific evidence in support of the occurrence of such a world-wide phenomenon comes from the observation that scientific analysis of sediments in valleys and mountains tops, all over the world, reveal that quantitatively and qualitatively they are the same. The only explanation for this observation is that some great floods carried sediments from valleys onto mountains tops. This tallies with the observation that according to the Bible (Gen. 7:20) and Islamic history (TabariIbn Sa’d)waves of Noah’s floods rose to 15 cubit feet (30 ft) above the tallest mountain on earth. Another scientific evidence also is that analysis of fossils in sediments from valleys and mountains reveal that their ages differ. This too is accounted for scientifically by the fact that there have been several of such phenomena in the past. These scientific evidences tilt the balance in favour of Noah’s floods being a world-wide phenomenon and not local as argued by others.

Culturally, the availability of the story of Noah’s floods in many nations of the world adds another evidence to the effect that it was global and that as the survivors spread to the corners of the earth they and their offsprings carried that story with them. When asked about the meaning of the Quranic phrase: ‘They were the only survivors” (Hum Al-Baaqiin) in references to the survivors of Noah’s Deluge, the Prophet of Islam replied: ”The only survivors were Sam(Shem)Ham and Yaafith(Japheth)”(Tabari, vol1,p206). He then shed the following light on the roots of the present race of mankind found all over the world:” Sam is the progenitor of Arabs(Asians), Ham, Progenitor of Sudanese (Africans) and Japheth,) progenitor of Romans (Europeans).”(Tabari). Currently anthropologists have divided mankind into three categories, namely: Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. I will identify Caucasoids as Europeans,Mongoloid as people of the Chinese, and Japanese, Malaysians etc. stock and Negroid as Africans, with special references to Blacks. According to the Bible and Islamic History Noah was from the tenth generation of Adam’s descendants and between Adam and Noah there was the span of one thousand years. According to Ibn Abass ”Noah was commissioned as a true Prophet of God at the age 480 years he then preached unto his people for 120 years. When he was 600 years God directed him to construct the ARK. And after the floods, he lived for another 350 years” (Tabari,Ibn Sa’dd) . Noah lived

 in Mesopotamia, now modern-day Iraq. His tribe was called Raasib,but others say that he was sent by God to wean sons and offsprings of Adam who had strayed from the right path, from their evil ways. He spoke Syriac, a dead ancient language very close to ancient Arabic. According to authentic Islamic source he gave birth to five sons:Aabir (Eber)died before the floods,while Canaan perished in the floods, leaving behind Sam(Shem,)Ham and Japheth (Yaa fith) as the survivors through whom the whole world has been repopulated. After the floods Noah, his three sons, followers and their wives settled at a place called market of the Eighty (Suuq Themaaniin) not far from Mount Al-juddi where the Ark landed. When their population outgrew the land and natural resources they moved to Babel and founded it (Ibn Sa’d, Tabari). After the epic story of the split in Language the earth was shared amongst the three offsprings of Noah and their descendants. Briefly Sam, the elder was given areas of the Middle East, Ham, lands in Africa and Jepheth lands to the northern Hemisphere beyond Iraq(Tabari).

The genealogical tree of Sam and his two brothers as given in Genesis 10:1 – 32 agree with the genealogies as stated in Islamic history books except for small discrepancies In some instances the compilers of the Bible deleted names for bad character, while in others some tribes departed from Babel into other lands, hence perhaps escaped notice of the compilers or that they were deliberately removed.

According to Ibn Abass:”The Arabs, the Persians (Fars), the Nabata’en, Indians(Hind), Sind (Country to the East of Persia) are all from offsprings of Sam”(Tabari,vol. 1 p206). According to Ibn Abass a revelation vouchsafed by God to Moses shows that the latter was also an offspring of Sam (through Isaac) (Tabari, vol.1,p206). Tracing the genealogies of Indians (Hind) and Sind says Hisham Bin Mohammed:”Hind and Sind are two brothers and sons of Tawqiir who was the son of Yaqtin(Qahtan)(Biblical Joktan) who in turn descended from Aabir (Eber), who in turns was the son of Shalikh (Salah,) who in turn was son of Arphakhshad (Arphaxad)who was the son of Sam who was the son of Noah (Kindly see Fig 1). Quut (Phut,Genesis 10:6) a son of Ham (Black racetravelled to India and Sind, settled there and gave birth to offsprings (Tabari,p206). I am inclined to accept this in view of jet black tribes found in India. According to the eminent Historian Imam Tabari author of Tarikh Tabari (History of Tabari) the genealogy of the Persians (Faaris) are as follows: Faaris, name of their progenitor,descended from Asshur who in turn descended from Sam then from Noah (Tabari,pp232-233). See fig2.

But the kings of Persia descended from Jaamir, a son of Japheth, son of Noah(Tabari,p206). Thamud,Aad,Tasm,Jadis-ancient Arabs tribes descended from Sam. Arabs aborigins, the Yemenites also descended from Sam through Qahtan (Biblical Joktan). The Hijazis, Nabata’ens, Najdis – all naturaliseddescendedfrom Sam (Philip K. Hitti,History of the Arabs,p32.)

Similarly, the Amalekites Tasm and Amim (three brothers)descended from Luud (Luz)who descended from Sam and who descended from Nuuh (Noah ). The Bible traces their genealogy from Luz to Sam to Noah, but fails to mention their names (Gen 10:21-22). (see fig 3).

Nuuh (Noah)

Sam (Shem)



Aabir(Eber)                    Nuuh (NOAH)                 Nuuh(Noah)

Yaqtin(Joktan)            Sam(Shem)                    Sam (Shem)

     Tawqir                    Ashuur(asshur)               Luud(Luz)

(Hind, Sind) Faaris                          (Tasm,Amalek,Amim)

Fiq1: Indians and Sinds    Fiq2:PersiansFiq3: Amalek

Mankind trace their genealogies to the three sons of Noah. Hence have a common ancestry. Let there be peace, understanding and love amongst us!


Persians,Indians,Sindis,Arabs, Israelites etcare all desended from Sam, the elder son of Noah.

By Khalid Kofi Ahmad

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