The Hype Becomes the First Agency to Enter the Metaverse Platform

Associated with some of the biggest names, Netherlands-based agency The Hype has created quite the waves in the industry. The agency might have achieved boast-worthy success, but it isn’t resting on its laurels. The Hype has already set its sights on the next big thing – becoming the first agency in the metaverse.

The Hype has been featured in the press numerous times for a variety of reasons, including the time when they closed a deal with AFC Ajax and Real Madrid CF to when they announced their association with David Alaba and Edson Alvarez.

The metaverse enjoys significant coverage in the media and is regularly spoken of by bigshots across industries. But that doesn’t make the complex concept any clearer. The question remains – what is the metaverse, and should you care?

Think of the metaverse as a parallel, virtual universe. It is built on decentralized blockchain technology. In this virtual world, you, or your virtual avatar, can live just like you do in the physical world. You can buy and sell land, goods, and even concert tickets.

All that’s great, but what does it have anything to do with you? Or, more importantly, what does it have to do with an agency like The Hype?

The virtual reality of the metaverse is the future – and that’s not overstating facts. Soon, you will no longer meet your friends in person. Your avatar will see your friend’s avatar in the metaverse. You will soon be spending a sizable amount of time in this virtual world. And where the people are, the businesses follow – at least the smart ones do.

The Hype, through extensive research, uncovered the above findings and noted the importance of venturing into the metaverse. And they have since wasted no time in taking the necessary steps. Through the adoption of cutting-edge technology and newer, more modern strategies, the agency plans on branching out and expanding its business model to include this virtual parallel universe. That includes offering immersive virtual experiences, in-world purchases, hosting virtual events, and so on.

Europe’s largest agency, however, is in no way overlooking the significance of having a presence in the physical world. Their consistent efforts have earned them a staggering 1 million followers on Instagram – a feat that lies outside the reach of most brands their age. Having started as recently as 2017, the young brand is all about leveraging sophisticated tools and technology to offer its customers the very best.

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