The Hair Senta to launch in US Market

The Hair Senta, Ghana’s leading 100 per cent human hair extensions company and beauty brand, is taking steps to get onto the United States’ market.

The move comes following established strategic alliances with beauty industry professionals and clients across the US market over the years.

 The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Hair Senta, Ms Gwen Addo, commenting on the move, said with the business’s humble beginnings in a car trunk in 2008 and officially launched as a brand store in 2012, the company had metamorphosed into a household name for 100 per cent human hair extensions in its originating country, Ghana, and quite well known within the Hair and Beauty industry on the continent.

“With clients across the globe, the company already has some footprints in the US where they have been shipping to clients in New York, Atlanta, Maryland, Virginia, California, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, among a few other states for nearly a decade,” she said.

“America’s Beauty Show has been one of the biggest and the most sold-out beauty shows in the US for the past 100 years. So it was a good decision to experience this year’s edition which marks 100 years. The trip was not only about scouting for new opportunities but also aimed to build partnerships with international players within the beauty industry,” said Ms Addo.

She said the company had struck partnership with the latest global beauty trends and game changers, and had developed great alliances for future collaborations between some US beauty companies and others on the continent.

Ms Addo emphasised the importance of brand visibility and the formation of strategic alliances with beauty companies to expose the brand to a wider audience, thus their recent marketing campaigns happening through US beauty shows and on billboards at the Times Square in New York, Manhattan.

Ms Addo  encouraged businesses within the beauty industry space to continue to pursue world-class excellence in their approach and to be open to connecting with other players across the globe to develop stronger ties for future growth and the development of the hair and beauty industry within and outside of Africa. 


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