The future is the cloud, but security is key  – Absa Ready to Work Panel

Panellists at a recent Absa Bank “ReadytoWork” virtual programme, say cloud computing is the future of digital technology.

Discussing the topic, “Let’s talk Cloud,” Chief Enablement Officer at Absa Bank, Justice Amegashie and Head of Academics at IPMC, Daniel Agyare-Boateng, both hailed the concept as the next level of digital dominance in a world that is currently ready for it.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

Absa Bank’s strategy has always been to harness the power of digital technology to enable accessibility and create convenience for clients and customers.

Through programmes like ReadytoWork, the bank empowers the youth with digital and educational competencies to transit them from learning to earning.

Commenting during the panel discussion, Justice Amegashie said the cloud afforded the user a platform to be at their very best without the limitations of physical infrastructure.

 “You can access almost everything at the touch of a button but what you should be mindful of is security. The abilities of the cloud must not be compromised where security is concerned. What is most important about the cloud environment is making your security requirements very robust,” he said.

Responding to the value of the cloud to skills development, MrAgyare-Boateng of IPMC said “The cloud eliminates the cost involved in securing physical infrastructure and ensures that the youth are not disenfranchised in terms of skills development. What we want to achieve at IPMC is to make the study of cloud computing an integral part of our curricula.”

The Absa ReadytoWorkprogramme also explored other relevant areas including a call for the teaching of cloud computing to be made mandatory in the country’s tertiary educational system.

The panellists also encouraged the youth to adapt to the changing workplace and always show relevance when opportunities become available.

The topic for this month’s Absa ReadytoWork session was chosen on the back of Absa Bank’s agreement with IPMC to introduce cloud computing to 1,000 students in the school.

This stems from a global partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make cloud computing relevant amongst the youth in Ghana.     

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