The Days Ahead Yield Enormous Potential for the Multi talented Brandon Washington

Most industries have evolved over the last few years, and the film industry is no different. As established names begin to pass the baton, it’s an exciting time to see what sharp, young minds will shape the future of film.

Director, filmmaker, and producer are all titles that Brandon Washington, a young creative making a name for himself in both film and advertising, can claim. At only 26, Washington has already started a film studio, a talent agency and has helped produce and direct several feature films and shows. Even at this point in his young life, he still feels that tomorrow holds even greater opportunities.

Washington is a firm believer in the process and struggle it takes to develop your craft. Having been aided in his journey by artists like Ray-J, and experienced professionals in the field like Janelle Monae’s manager Mikael Moore, his hope is that through his studio’s connections and projects, he can provide a source of agency for young aspiring actors and filmmakers who are aspiring to the rough business of the media industry. His career and filmmaking style are also largely inspired by legendary filmmakers Tyler Perry and Spike Lee.

Their journeys and struggles through poverty and resistance from major film production companies is always a source of motivation for him, as he makes his own struggles a defining centerpiece of both his films and his talks with younger artists. With a large following on social media and a stream of young artists signing on to projects through his studio, WriterBoy Films, Washington is in a prime position to use his struggles and his craft to motivate a new generation of filmmakers and storytellers, something he strongly emphasizes he wants to bring about. 

His films have also echoed this desire to be a help to younger people going through struggles. From his first film, *I am Like Tiffany,” which dealt with the abuse its young female protagonist faced, to his film “Adapt,” which dealt with the subject of bullying and how it changes a person, Washington has already done much to carry out his desire to make a positive impact through his work. If asked for the strongest lasting inspirations in his life, he’ll tell you with no hesitation that he is inspired through his belief in God and through the support of his mother. The presence of both has always been a source of strength for him, whether he was sleeping in the back of his car or having to turn down a lucrative studio buyout in order to keep his work his own. Without his mentors and his inspirations, Washington says that he doesn’t feel he would be where he is today. 

Washington is busy working to release his newest film, “Dream,” by 2022. Finding inspiration in his own experiences of grinding through the process, he has made this film as an insight into the life of the young creative fighting against the odds to be able to dream. Washington’s “Dream” will be available on Amazon Prime, Fandango, and Hulu.

To learn more about Brandon Washington and to keep up with his work, follow him on Instagram and Youtube via the links below. 

@iamwriterboy Instagram 

writerboy – YouTube

Learn more about his upcoming film, “Dream,” at his website. HOME | WriterBoyFilms

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