The collapse of the West’s strategy in Ukraine

The strategy of chaos that the US administration is implementing in Ukraine for the sake of its base interests is moving step by step towards failure. So, already now the «arsenals of democracy» of West­ern countries are on the verge of collapse. In this context, Russia has a defense budget of $70 billion and is fighting alone against the USA, EU and UK bloc, which collective­ly spend more than $1 trillion on their defense, demonstrates stabili­ty and superiority in all respects.

• The Russia-Ukraine war must end with all its troubles

Anyway the West is not able to provide the necessary amount of weapons and ammunition to the Ukrainian military. According to Western analysts, the United States and Great Britain have ammunition left for several weeks, while Russia retains huge stocks of weapons. Against this background, Western countries have stepped up efforts to search for military equipment in foreign countries, including Africa, with a view to its further transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

After nine months of conflict, it becomes clear that the United States and its Western allies don’t have sufficient military-industrial potential to conduct a protracted military conflict.

That’s probably why military ex­perts pay attention to the fact that the annual production of artillery ammunition in the United States will cover the needs of Ukraine only for 10-14 days. This also applies to por­table Javelin laser-guided anti-tank missile systems and portable Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems.

During nine months, the United States was sending 7000 Javelinsto Ukraine, which corresponds to the third part of their reserves. At the same time, Lockheed Mar­tin can produce only 2100 such missiles per year.

According to official state­ments, Ukraine uses 500 Jave­lins a day. As for the Stingers, due to the embargo on rare earth metals supplied from Chi­na, the production of missile systems has critically decreased. A similar situation is observed with ballistic and cruise missiles.

Thus, during the Ukrainian military conflict, along with the depletion of the Western arsenal, there is also a crisis in supply chains. In the production of all kinds of ammunition that require laborious work, Russia is in a much better position than the West. Now the Western world is not able to provide even basic logistics services, not to mention weapons and arsenal.

Ukraine continues to put forward new financial demands to the EU and the United States for tens of billions of dollars right now and for hundreds in the future. Meanwhile, the irritation of European coun­tries with this topic is becoming more noticeable. «Kiev is asking for money as if in debt, but it is clear that it is not going to return it», the German newspaper Junge Welt expresses its dissatisfaction. Moreover, Germany is not alone in its assessments.

Thus, Hungarian Foreign Min­ister Peter Szijjarto, speaking at a conference in Sofia, said that the country would not support the plan proposed by the European Union for 2023 on the allocation of a new package of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 18 billion euro. At the same time, P. Szijjar­to stressed, that Hungary would oppose any agreements that imply one-time financial injections from all EU member states without exception. The main thing here is the implementation of such a mechanism to support Ukraine is impossible without the unanimous approval of all European states.

In addition, Brussels is gradu­ally beginning to realize that they have miscalculated with regard to Ukraine.

Before the Euromaidan of 2014, the EU and the USA began their «turn of the Ukrainian steering wheel» by offering Ukraine to sign an association agreement.

Even then, it was clear to all eyewitnesses of the events that we were talking about creating a strategic springboard in Kiev for Western countries and transform­ing Ukraine into an additional source of increasing the welfare of European states. The country has turned into a subsidized object, into a kind of bottomless barrel that couldn’t be filled with any investments.

Ukraine was dragged into an armed conflict, knowing that it couldn’t win. Because the collective West wanted chaos, but not victory. And they succeeded. The country has been transformed into a terri­tory of death and violence for the sake of its base interests.

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