The clamour for the truth on who killed UN Secretary-General Dag hammarskjold continues (PART 2)

The shame­ful Belgian attempt to recolonise the Congo with the collusion with its NATO allies (espe­cially the USA) was one of the most blatant attempts to deceive the international com­munity with impunity.

I think the woeful story of American assistance to Belgium in the latter’s horren­dous Congo enterprise is one of the most important farcical in the political history of the world. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely only on my word to reach that conclusion, be­cause it has been assiduously researched and retold by some excellent writers, foremost among whom is Dr Susan Williams of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Uni­versity of London.

At the holistic level, Dr Wil­liams has given the world the invaluable White Malice: The CIA and the covert recoloni­sation of Africa.

(Public Affairs, 2021. ISBN 978-1-5417).

But before this marvellous magnum opus, she had also zoomed in on the story with Spies in the Congo and Who killed Hammarsjold? The sto­ries in these books read like fiction, except that a fiction writer would have to possess the most tortured of imagina­tions to be able to summon, entirely from his/her imagi­nation, the crooked creatures who littered the world Susan Williams so vividly photo­graphs for us.

In that world, even the “he­roes” are not quite without blemish. For instance, even Hero Hammarskold, who could be viewed as a spotless example of the neutral inter­national civil servant (ironi­cally the eventual victim of politicians manning a ruthless system of coercion by mur­der) seems to have believed in the “honour” of the trustees of that system.

“Western morality” versus Communist amorality, right?

Well, the Western system no doubt killed him.

If it did not, it certainly hasn’t helped the United Na­tions to unmask the identity of the actual villains responsi­ble for that mysterious plane crash.

Fifteen servants of the UN lost their lives in the crash near Ndola in 1961. What was their crime?

A well-respected judge, Mr Justice Mohamed Chan­de Othman, former chief justice of Tanzania, has been trying – at the request of the UN – to uncover the facts of the crash for some years now. But the UK, which ruled “Northern Rhodesia” [now Zambia] at the time of the crash there, has been sitting on what it knows.

Ditto the USA, which, even then, commanded an unmatched access to world wireless communications. Although it had aeroplanes in the area, it has

frustrated all the attempts of the Tanzanian jurist, to obtain the facts they reported to Langley, Virginia, home of the CIA. South Africa, which, together with “Southern Rhodesia” [now Zimbabwe] formed part of an “unholy alliance” (that also included imperialist Portugal) has also clammed up over the issue.

South Africa’s position is the most puzzling. Surely, if the ANC made a pact with the former white minority government not to disclose any hideous secrets that came into the ANC’s possession after democratic rule in 1994, that was a promise extorted from the ANC with coercion and must not be “honoured”?

But those who value the UN ideal are not giving up. Their latest effort will be through a Zoom conference to be held on February 29, 2024. All those who believe it’s possible to reform the UN so that it can preserve world peace and the independence of small nations, are invited to avail themselves of the views to be expressed by a well-selected panel.


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