The C.H.I.N.A. way for a better post-COVID world (final part)

 We should guide reforms of the global governance system with the principle of fairness and justice, uphold the multilateral trad­ing system with the World Trade Organization at its center and make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all.

Major developed countries should adopt responsible economic policies, manage policy spillovers and avoid severe impacts on devel­oping countries.


The process of global develop­ment is suffering from severe dis­ruption, entailing more outstanding problems like a widening North- South gap, divergent recovery trajectories, development fault-lines and a technological divide.

No matter what difficulties may come our way, we must adhere to a people-centered philosophy of development and build greater synergy among existing mecha­nisms of development cooperation to promote balanced development worldwide.

We need to implement the outcomes of COP26 to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change under the prin­ciple of common but differentiated responsibilities.

Developed economies should take the lead in honoring their emissions reduction responsibili­ties, deliver on their commitment of financial and technological support, and create the necessary conditions for developing coun­tries to address climate change and achieve sustainable development.

Last year, President Xi Jinping put forward a Global Develop­ment Initiative at the UN General Assembly, which aims to form syn­ergy with the 2030 Agenda for Sus­tainable Development and boost common development across the world. China stands ready to work with all partners to jointly translate the Initiative into concrete actions and make sure that no country is left behind in this process.


History has proved time and again that confrontation only invites catastrophes rather than solutions. Acts of overstretching the concept of national security to hold back economic and techno­logical advances of other countries, and of fanning ideological antago­nism and politicizing/weaponizing economic, scientific and techno­logical issues, will gravely under­cut international efforts to tackle common challenges.

The right way forward for humanity is peaceful development and win-win cooperation. Differ­ent countries and civilizations may prosper together on the basis of mutual respect, and reach common ground and win-win outcomes by shelving differences. We should work for a stable international order, advocate common values of humanity, and build a community with a shared future for mankind. We should choose dialogue over confrontation, inclusiveness over exclusion, and stand against all forms of unilateralism, protection­ism, hegemony or power politics.



2022 is a crucial year for China to implement the 14th Five-Year Plan. We will hold the 20th Nation­al Congress of the CPC. Looking ahead, we will:

–stay committed to pursuing high-quality development. “The wealth of a country is measured by the abundance of its people.” We are working hard to achieve common prosperity of the entire population, which is not egalitari­anism. To use an analogy, we will first make the pie bigger, and then divide it properly through reas able institutional arrangements. As a rising tide lifts all boats, everyone will get a fair share from devel­opment in a more substantial and equitable way.

–stay committed to reform and opening-up. Whatever change in the international landscape, China will always hold high the banner of reform and opening-up. China will continue to let the market play a decisive role in resource allocation, and see to it that the government better plays its role. All types of capital are welcome to operate in China in compliance with laws and regulations.

China will continue to expand high-standard opening-up, steadily advance institutional opening-up that covers rules, management and standards, deliver national treatment for foreign businesses, and promote high-quality Belt and Road cooperation.

–stay committed to promoting ecological conservation. Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality are the intrinsic requirements of China’s own high-quality develop­ment and a solemn pledge to the international community.

We have unveiled an Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Be­fore 2030, and now has the world’s biggest carbon market and biggest clean power generation system.

China will also push for inter­national cooperation on climate and jointly work for a complete transition to a greener economy and society.

Dear friends, the Beijing Olym­pic and Paralympic Winter Games will open in about two weeks. We are confident that China will present a simple, safe and splendid Games to the world. “Together for a Shared Future”!

In just a few days, We will cele­brate the lunar new year, the Year of the Tiger.

On behalf the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, I wish all the Chinese in Ghana good health & luck in the year of tiger. I wish my motherland prosper with the vigor of tiger. Finally, I sincerely wish all Ghana­ian friends peace, health, happiness and prosperity in the year of tiger!.

The writer is the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana

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