Teshie elders call for peace during Homowo

The Administrative Secretary and Principal Elder of Nuumo Nmashie Family, Daniel Nii Mensah Ablorh, has called for unity and respect among residents in Teshie to ensure peace and security during this year’s Homowo festival.

Addressing the media at Teshie last, Saturday, Nii Ablorh said this year’s Homowo must be celebrated without tension and violence which often resulted in destruction of property and loss of lives.

Nii Mensah Ablorh called for effective communication among the people to forestall such misunderstandings that occur during Homowo festival.

He commended the fact-finding committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs for confirming Nii Okan Duamro Nmashie III, as the new Teshie Mankralo.

“Nii Okan Duamro III becomes the head of Nuumo Nmashie family by tradition,” Nii Mensah Ablorh added.

The Principal Elder said the Nuumo Nmashie had granted the power of Attorney to Larbi Darko to assist the family in land matters.

In attendance were elders of Nuumo Nmashie family made up of Krobo Kle and Agbawe Quarters, Nii Henry Sowah, Head of Klu-Din We, Ebenezer Nii Adjetey Ablorh, Chairman, Teshie Traditional Council and Nuumo Sowah Obene, Osabu Wulomo of Tehsie and La.

Nii Mensah Ablorh said, the elders were working assiduously to enstool a Teshie chief, stressing the town had been without a chief for the past 40 years due to chieftaincy disputes.

He stated that the Mankralo, the chief priest and the shikietele (stool secretary) were vested with the powers to enstool Teshie chief who would be nominated by Lenshie Dzaasetse, a quarter in Teshie.

Nuumo Sowah Obene, the chief priest of both Teshie and La called on the people to have respect for one another and unite as one people.

“It is by common co-existence that we can forge ahead as people with a common destiny,” he said.

Nuumo Badu Odaano Odiapenser I, the Osabu-Ayiku Wulomo of Teshie, called for peace as the chiefs and people prepare to celebrate their annual Homowo.


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