Tension brews at Lukula …police, military deployed to area

The Savannah Regional Security Council (RESEC) has deployed a combine team of police and military to the Lukula, in North Gonja District, to maintain law and order in the community. 

The deployment of the police and military to the area followed the heightened tension between Gonjas and Mamprusis over land and chieftaincy dispute.

The feuding factions were said to be arming themselves in readiness to engage a gun battle as there were sporadic gunshots in the area in early hour of Monday.

Consequently, some residents, particular women and children, fled their homes.

However, the Savannah Regional Minister Mr. Saeed JibrilMauz, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times,confirmed that REGSEC has dispatched security personnel to area to the maintain law and order.

He said that the combined military and police have been given firm instruction to deal ruthlessly with any person or group of persons, who would attempt to disturb the peace in the area.

Mr. Mauz said so far the security personnel have been able to bring the situation under control and calm has returned to the community.

He said the people in the community were going about their normal activities without any disturbance.

Mr. Mauz said though there were relative calm in the community, security personnel were patrolling the area to avert any mishap.

SaakaMumuni, a resident of Lukula, in a telephone interview with the Ghanaian Times,said there was still tension in the area.

He revealed that one of the feuding faction in the conflict have “imported warriors” from other communities to help them in case there was trouble.

Mumuni also stated the women, who fled the community had not returned.

For some time now, there has been intermittent conflict between the Gonjas and Mamprusis over the rightful owner of the community.

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